Philip J. Naylor - Director

I used to open my e mail inbox and dread what I was about to find however life has now changed and I can open with the confidence that only the important real messages arrive so I can get each day off to a great start. As director of the company we invested in antispameurope and it does all the analysis and removal of spam and sends a very simple tailored message detailing simply but effectively the Junk messages it has held. The report is customised by the user very simply and can be sent as often as you like. We receive it twice per day – it details the Junk messages from the illegible to the obscene including viruses, phising attacks and anything else. We all know how dangerous these type of messages can be both to the user and the PC’s. antispameurope allows me to concentrate on my real job, instead of trawling through countless e-mails to find the important ones, so I would highly recommend any business large or small to invest in this product.
Company Name: 
Universal Forwarding