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“Great product, brilliant support and exceptional customer service. I don't see another product touching it for functionality and price. Whole heartedly recommend.”

-Ben Owen, IT Service Provider

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We've used a few cloud security services in the past, but we now use EveryCloud. The control panel is simple and intuitive, and the combination of features and functionality, gives us everything we need. I thoroughly recommend them. Matt Frye


- Alliance, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

We have been using EveryClouds Anti Spam service for a number of years and have been very happy with the excellent spam filtering, ease of use, setup, management and the proactive support staff. Highly recommended

- mattshanahan PIMIENTO IT Service Provider
Everycloud have supplied us with an amazing Anti Spam solution, easy to configure, and use, and does what it says, gets rid of 99% of spam, Once a customer has it, they wont ever want to stop using it, Makes Sophos Pure Message look like its in the dark ages, Staff, and Support all very responsive and have never let us down. Would highly recommend. Rich Airevalley Solutions Ltd


- Richard8018, IT Service Provider

The antispam filtering is ideal for many businesses, micro, small, medium and enterprise and even o365 users. Their team has proved to be an excellent choice for many of our clients with 500 end users being in control of spam with a daily report delivered to their inbox. Their support is excellent and they are more than happy to help to ensure you get the right solution. We have been partnered with EveryCloud Technologies for a few years now and are not planning to change Matt Beardon Director IT 4 Offices Ltd www.it4offices.co.uk http://community.spiceworks.com/product/59366-everycloud?source=Selector_35#


We use EveryCloud to solve specific needs for our customers and we have been a personal user of their AntiSpam solution from the very start. The staff are very friendly and always respond to any technical, support or sales needs we may have. InCloudOne highly recommends solutions from EveryCloud. Mark Delo - Director inCloudOne.com NowYoYo.com  

- markdelo, IT Service Provider
Been a partner of EveryCloud since Jan 2012 and using their services for my clients and my own company since. Had been with one of the "big names" prior to that but had a load of hassle so needed to find an alternative. Tried out a lot of competing solutions before signing up with them, but found their antispam & antivirus filtering service by far the best for features and value for money. My clients all love it, and on the very few occasions there are any problems or queries their tech support are very quick to respond. All of their staff are extremly friendly and helpful. Can't recommend them enough. Update Feb 2015: I just want re-emphasise how happy I am with EveryCloud. This week I had a client who is transitioning to Office 365 but want to retain EveryCloud's email antispam & antivirus filtering service for their mail; rather than relying on Office 365's filtering which many have said is not as good. I submitted a ticket to EveryCloud Support asking for guidance in configuring Office 365 to work with their filtering and EveryCloud's Technical Manager (Joseph Lizut), spent several hours preparing a detailed 13 page guide (complete with screenshots) containing step-by-step details of each setting that needs to be configured within the Office 365 Admin and on the domain's DNS editor in order to achive this integration of the two services. How many companies would go to that length to reply to support request?! Fantastic service!   
-Aberdeen Internet, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees Overall

Starting a new business is challenging and I'd rather spend my time generating business. We've used Everycloud since starting Tricca in September and have not had to waste time trawling through spam in our inbox. I love the control settings and MI available from the portal. We use Office365, MacBooks, iPhones & iPads and haven't had any issues. Paul Richens, Tricca Consulting

- paulrichens

We use to have 100's of spam and junk mails everyday, Our work potential was being waste to sort these emails, which was on our common account as well, so most of the time, staff was busy sorting their mail box and blocking them individually, on individual machines.. that was Nightmare. Thanks EveryCloud, We only receive filtered and concern mails, without promotions or Spams. Can concentrate on our professional work, instead of wasting precious time.

- nademmumtaz

We have been using EveryCloud AS for years - all of our customers use it and have no spam issues. What more needs saying? We get excellent support, setting up customers is easy and the price is good... Chris Glover Breeze Technology www.breeze-technology.co.uk


We have been using EveryCloud for a few months now after our previous in-house solution had become so problematic, we were spending hours a day clearing out spam. EveryCloud has meant we no longer have to worry. Everything is handled by them in the background and we have our bandwidth back! Technical support is spot-on and we now use EveryCloud to handle the majority of our clients' mail. Eskimo Intelligent Solutions

-martindunsmuir, IT Service Provider

Decent service with excellent support. The management portal is well designed with clear layout. Supports multi-customer configuration. It's not 100% efficient but none of these AV / Antispam systems are. Overall five stars!

-ondrejmasek, IT Service Provider

We moved to Everycloud in July this year, our company has 200 end users and moving to Everycloud was very easy, the spam filter and user console is a great highly recommended and very user friendly. Due to the excellent customer services we are now in the process of moving to the Everycloud endpoint protection system and the results for the virus scans are excellent (First shocked our previous software did not pick up the issues), all systems can be controlled via an admin portal for easy management.

- marcwoods PIMIENTO Construction 101-250 Employees

We recommend EveryCloud's anti-spam product to all our customers, it is simple to use and works. The product is regularly updated and has superb support. Trevor Thorn - TT Systems Ltd

-Trevor Thorn, IT Service Provider
Since we have used this service our levels of spam have dropped beyond my expectations. This prevents our staff from dealing with heaps of unwanted mail and indeed prevents distraction! The interface is clean, easy to use and provides useful statistics regarding how much of your domains E-mail is spam and how much is legitimate. This can be done for the entire domain or on a per user basis. Easy to use accounts can be setup for end users to go and release mail or just see how much spam they are being protected from. This gives a comforting feeling that all mail is being handled and on the rare occasion of a false positive can be dealt with quickly by the user rather than having to lodge a request with the IT department. The support is great, I was initially concerned about setting the service up but I was reassured and the transition was very smooth. On the few occasions we have wanted to ask questions or have a minor issue EveryCloud's support personnel are very direct and will call you to follow up, they are both thorough and professional. Lawrence Collins IT Manager Infoserve Ltd
- lawrencecollins, IT Service Provider

A great product all in all. Filters spam accurately and is very easy for me to track emails and release them as needed. We also get very good support from Every Cloud if we do have any issues

- davidthornton

Interesting product and a viable solution for cloud security. If anything, this product helps calm the anxiety often associated with adopting new cloud-based technologies.

- Rob381, Energy, 1-50 Employees

After another anti-spam solution let us down, we moved all of our clients over to Everycloud. Since then, junk reaching the inbox is extremely low, especially when the "InfoMail" filter is turned on. We have this solution working with clients running both Office 365 and inhouse mail systems.


Been using Everycloud for over 12 months now and have found it to be one of the best anti-spam tools available, whilst I think all of us will agree, the perfect anti-spam tool is yet to be developed, Everycloud does comes close and when things don't quite go according to plan the tech support has been brilliant.

- Joe9337, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

My IT consultancy switched from another Anti-Spam service to Everycloud, and in a nutshell, we're very happy. The product is good (the control panel has a few quirks) and the features are excellent. We also use Everycloud's AV offering and if we weren't so heavily embedded with another AV service already, we'd jump on it as the product is probably better than our current one. The support we've received from the friendly Everycloud people (and their patience in putting up with our haphazard/random followups) has been excellent on every occasion. I've no qualms in highly recommending them if you need anti-spam and anti-virus.

We switched ourselves and our client base to EveryCloud following the sudden exit of WebRoot from the market. EveryCloud's customer support was spot on with dealing with the issues caused by a sudden migration thrust on us by WebRoot's sudden exit from the market. What was new and very valuable was the InfoMail categorisation that sweeps up all the commercial emails that flood in after you subscribed to something you were interested in for 3 days 2 years back and they have been sending 3-30 emails every month since. I scan down the list of sending email addresses every day if I am suddenly interested again in Zendesk/AlienVault/CyberRoam/etc. Customers were happier with the tools available to them to manage their whitelisting and releasing themselves. Once running, there is very little tweaking required. Only the occasional releasing of spam, and the fact it is so occasional speaks for itself. Dec 2015 update. Had a problem migrating a domain from one provider to another. Were able to tell me that the old domain's TTL was set to 24 hours - so still had the old DNS entries. Asked EveryCloud to update their nameservers to get the new domain details to fix mail delivery.... they flushed their DNS to update their records. Problem fixed in 5 minutes.
- Adrien Belcourt PIMIENTO IT Service Provider 1-50 Employees

We've been on our trial for a couple weeks now, and I'm impressed with the accuracy of the filter. It's nice that it weeds out those nasty infomercial emails that are hard to prevent. The control panel has tons of information and,once you've climbed the UI learning curve a little, you can really master your email flow. As the finish of the product gets buffed out, it'll be more and more impressive. Matt Baker needs to be singled out for exceptional customer service. This is a manager with rolled up sleeves whose attention to customers is unmatched in expertise, speed, accuracy, candor, manners, and great attitude. This is a British company which also has a European division. Top marks. I wish they had a 4.8 stars

- frankrevipmp

We have been using EveryCloud for a few years and they still provide an excellent service, some other places help you lots until they have you, then they seem to forget you, but we still get very fast responses from the Support people, always willing to help even if the issues is not always their fault. the Accounts people are helpful and willing to split invoices and quote to different people. Renewals are very smooth and our customers are not always the fastest at responding, but the Accounts people are will to assist when possible which is great.

- chrishibberd, IT Service Provider

I've been using Everycloud now as an anti-spam solution for our customers since its inception, the service is great with brilliant audit/reporting tools and the staff are very helpful. We looked at a lot of other products and trialled a number of them until we found Everycloud and its simplicity and reliability was so far ahead of its competitors and miles ahead of any “client side” products it quickly became an essential part of the services we now re-sell and maintain. Definitely a good product for disaster recovery and continuity services and we have no complaints from an of our customers, keep up the good work Everycloud! Steffan Davies, ICT Director ResQ IT & Telecoms www.resq.co.uk

- ResQ, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

We are the US company and have been using Everycloud for more than 3 years now. We tested other anti-spam cloud services and finally found EveryCloud from across the country because of their great service. Really happy with their's outstanding support, knowledgeable and quick respond.

-Aung6105, Consulting, 1-50 Employees

We have a small IT consultancy supporting small companies. We have been using EveryCloud anti spam on a number of sites for years and can honestly say it is a great product. The service levels have always been great, with support staff only to happy to help. Thank you EveryCloud

- Forestgump05, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

What a great product. I can easily track all my customers emails, inbound and outbound and find the reason it did not reach the final destination, if in fact it didn't. There are many bolt on options besides the filtering solution which works a treat. This product has made my email mayhem heaven

-Jeremy007, Other

Exceptional service and immediate help when required. Saved my life removing copious amounts of spam from my 15 year old email address; now receive the emails I want and no other... cant recommend the service more highly

- rupertsaunders, Other

what can I say about EveryCloudTech, well it just works. I have been using the service since 2011 and am extremely pleased with it. My customers are always amazed in how quickly it stops unwanted emails from the initial setup and how easy it is to manage. The support staff are very knowledgeable and at hand when ever you need advice or help. For a cost effective solution that works you can't go wrong with EveryCloudTech

-simonpell, IT Service Provider

Before I found Everycloud Tech I had tried several anti-spam solutions, but none of them gave me the full control that I required. The Everycloud Tech anti-spam solutions gives me everything I require and has saved me so much time filtering through emails every day. Plus the service and support has been superb throughout. They really know their stuff and can not do enough to help. Many thanks to Matt and Ray. Ray has been especially helpful! Keep up the great work. I would highly recommend them.

- petewinter

18 months ago we partnered with the wrong cloud spam filter service but it taught us what to look for, switched to EveryCloud after reviewing other vendors and so far we are blown away by how good it is, everything from implementation to after sales and support is leagues ahead of the competitors we have tried, for example previously we would have to manually setup all users or at best right complex LDAP queries to bring users in which took days of liaising with the providers tech support, by comparison Everycloud is a few mouse clicks to setup and then it teaches itself all your users mailboxes - this has saved us a huge amount of time and resources alone as well as changed weeks of planning into almost instant account setup. It has been a real game changer for us spam filtering from a necessary evil to a pleasure to provide - so far we cant fault it and cannot recommend it highly enough...


Following the demise of our previous spam filtering supplier, we completed some extensive market research before settling on a replacement partner. To date, some three years later, we have not been disappointed as we have found EveryCloud to be all that we had hoped for. Our particular requirement was for a highly reliable email filtering solution with quality support, to include rapid response and resolution. To this end we have never been let down and consider the original selection of EveryCloud as one of our best decisions. Colin Sutton Director – ABS Computer Systems


Highly recommended. The powerful and effective product is backed by quick and effective support who know exactly what they are talking about and fill me with a lot of confidence.

- martinharding2, IT Service Provider
With Webroot pulling the Emailsystems product we were forced to find a new supplier for our email filtering and settled on EveryCloud for filtering. We have found them to be efficient and cost effective suppliers of what we need for ourselves and our clients. They have invariably reacted promptly and competently to all our requests for information and support.


- tomhardie PIMIENTO IT Service Provider
EveryCloud is a great email filtering anti-spam cloud gateway. EveryCloud is simple to set-up, straight forward to use and manage. Keeps all you data in the EU, has fast and efficient support and IMHO it is equal or better than the competition. EveryCloud delivers.


- peterhowe, IT Service Provider
I signed up for the EveryCloud spam filtering trial a few weeks ago, and my experience with this company, its product, and especially its support staff, has been nothing short of exceptional! From the moment that I signed up online for the trial, I was contacted by a friendly and knowledgeable member of the support department who walked me through getting started with my mailbox at EveryCloud, and within a matter of less than half hour, I was up and running. Their support ticketing system is excellent, and I was even assisted a few times by the Manager of Technical Support, Joseph Lizut with solutions to a couple of my issues. The EveryCloud Control Panel is intuitive and easy to use in terms of black-listing and white-listing E-mails as needed. Keep up the good work EveryCloud! Anthony Hadeed CEO, Career and Life Coach YourLifePurpose Limited
- anthonyhadeed, Consulting

We have been with EveryCloud for some time now and can highly recommend their services. The product provides us with all the email filtering services we require and it is backed up by a support team who are both quick to respond and efficient in solving any problems or answering any and all questions we may have. Elaine Martindale Estech Network Solutions Ltd

- elainemartindale

I used EveryCloud in my last company of 200 employees. When I moved to my new one of 6 staff in January, I was appalled at how much spam and malicious mail they were getting. I signed us up for EveryCloud immediately, and said goodbye to 70% of the emails that used to come through. Our users love the daily report of stopped emails that they can check for any that are 'legit' and get them sent and whitelisted in one click. Great value for money, easy to setup and administer, great support from EveryCloud - for us, it's a no-brainer to have it.

- davehuxley

Have been using EveryCloud since 2010 and they have consistently performed brilliantly and helped us resolve issues where required and have advised us on some many occasions to help us resolve client issues. Top class solution and the staff are superb! Arif Khan - IT Operations Manager - Star Computers Limited.

- ArifStarComputers PIMIENTO IT Service Provider

Great service, quick to respond. Blocks everything we need it to and makes it simple to whitelist the senders we need to get through. Very pleased with this company.

-Jason311807, Other, 101-250 Employees

I'd like to congratulate the EveryCloud team for a great service. Right from the request for a quote through to service delivery you guys were efficient and responsive. The technical team are great and were a real pleasure to deal with. The team were effective and followed the golden rule of tech support - "Tell Do Tell".. Tell the customer what you're going to do, do it, tell the customer you've done it! Great stuff! And it turns out your spam filter technology is great too, which is a bonus!

- charleshodson, Marketing
We are a solution provider and just worked with Matt at EveryCloud to set up our first client (on premise Exchange 2010). - Very easy to use service - Almost no configuration necessary and the dashboard already shows 96.5% of emails blocked. - Very few false positives. If something does get blocked, the end-user receives an easy to review email with a list of blocked items. They can simply press a button to have the item delivered and/or white list the address. - We did a brief walk through of the service to one end-user and now see that other users are already customizing their preferences with no training at all. - Immediate responsiveness from support and account representatives. I think this would be the case for any hosted anti-spam solution, but beware that Outlook may still send an item to Junk Email even if EveryCloud shows the item as clean or has the sender on the white list. This can make it a little confusing for a user because they have to look in multiple places to find a blocked item. We are still thinking through if it would make sense to turn off Outlook filters in some way so that there is only one place for the user to look for a missing message (EveryCloud). Thank you! We are very satisfied.
- user3782 PIMIENTO Other

We use Everycloud services for all our customers. The solution ticked all the boxes and exceeded our expectations. Support is brilliant on the rare occasion it is needed. Keep it up!!

-joncross, IT Service Provider

The antispam filtering is ideal for many businesses, micro, small, medium and enterprise . The product and the support is amazing , we use this for all our clients Stephen Oxley CAMS - www.cams-ltd.com

-stephen6838, IT Service Provider

We use Every Cloud for all of our clients and have always been happy with both the product and the support received. Very friendly staff and always on hand to help wherever they can. Five stars!

- lorrainehodges

We sell and recommend Everycloud to our clients. It is user friendly, easy to get through to the support team with any issues and a good price. Wendy is always very helpful, professional and efficient.

-maddiebrindley, IT Service Provider
We're a Managed Solutions Provider and have been looking for a product/service to replace our current system. Since our existing provider was bought out we noticed a dip in SPAM detection and technical support. We've spent quite a while looking for and testing numerous products trying to find one that meets all our needs. EveryCloud has ticked all the boxes. - Stops SPAM - Easy to implement and manage - Easy to view email logs (not all providers offer this feature) - Responsive and knowledgeable technical support - Cost effective - Non pushy sales - Ability to whitelabel EveryCloud has surpassed all our expectations so far and we would highly recommend them.
- Stuart Brown, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

We're an IT Solutions provider, and spent quite some time reviewing and testing EveryCloud's products and services, before we were willing to provide them to our customers. Needless to say they ticked all the boxes, and we've been selling their services for several years now. The products not only do exactly what you need, but the support you get if you have issues is not only superb, but very proactive. We look forward to many more years of continued business, and will continue to add customers all the time.

-Rob.F, Manufacturing

We have been using EveryCloud for sometime now and are very happy with the service. However; the one thing that stands them apart for us is the customer service. The customer Service is responsive and relevant and is what keeps us using EveryCloud. A particular mention to Ray Carter; this chap has been fantastic in all our dealings.


Well worth a try if you're looking for an affordable A/.S solution to give to clients. Console is easy to use and support is spot on - and they'll go the extra mile when you need it 

- brianbritton, IT Service Provider

Over the years Everycloud have proved invaluable to our business. Their spam filtering service is the best I have come across, with easy to use features and much more customisation than you could ever need. Support is always easy to get, and usually resolved within minutes. Their email continuity service has been really helped customers who have been hit with exchange server outage, and is well worth the small amount it costs. If you need fair priced, spam filtering, anti-virus or email continuity, I would look no further!  

- robwoc, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

At Jones King Partnership Limited we have been using the EveryCloud Email Filter for almost 5 years! It is far and away the most efficient filter of spam we have experienced. We are an engineering consultancy and had suffered problems with unwanted mail for years – now, all we do is check our spam report which is issued daily to each person for any mail which might be valid and we’re able to easily release anything we need. Other than that we have no involvement in the process, no spam and generally regard the EveryCloud filter as being excellent value for money.


As a result of an unmanageable number of spam and virus emails making their way into our inboxes, 5 months ago we decided to invest in an anti-spam management system. The results are dramatic, and the system is easy to manage via our timed report and online portal. We would thoroughly recommend the system- it’s made a real difference to our business. www.accesdisplays.co.uk

-Access Displays Systems Admin, Manufacturing

As Technical Liaison Manager at Deans Computer Services, part of my job is to review the products we use internally and supply to our clients. Having undertaken a review of our existing Anti-spam solution and other competing products on the market, we chose to move to EveryCloud, meeting all our needs in-house and it is proving to be real hit with our customers. EveryCloud was chosen for its great end user experience, its adaptability to suit many needs, and not least of all the superb communication with the staff at EveryCloud themselves. For help and advice on your own Spam issues go to – http://www.deansplc.co.uk/antispam-solutions.html

-guybrook, IT Service Provider, 51-100 Employees

Hi everyone; We are a Wiltshire based charity supporting older people. We have between 20-30 users and have been using the email filter for a little over a year. I have to say we like the Everycloud service, especially the Spam report. It makes it easy to identify the junk mail from the good mail, and make a decision on what to do with it, makes it easy to identify wanted emails that are accidentally blocked and they are easy to unblock, and mail identified as junk can be easily added to the list of blocked recipients. It ahas also prevented any malicious mail from getting through. which is very important. it is also easy to maintain, and good value for money we think. cheers

-sysadmin9, Other
I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with EveryCloud. Starting with their non pushy sales ethics to their highly knowledgable (on not just their own product) technical support from whom I was still getting lengthy emails from past 9.30pm!! Nothing is too much trouble and all I can say is, trial their product if you are thinking of getting this sort of spam protection. It's powerful, very easy to use and integrate (we are using multiple Exchange 2013 instances and Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 domain), works exactly how they describe and best of all, a direct replacement for my current provider whom I won't mention the name but has a pretty black and white bear as a logo. Must add, I've been trialling this just for 4 days of my 30 day trial and have already made a decision, we will certainly be making a purchase. Edit - I made my purchase and couldn't be happier and in my opinion, any more spam free. Thank's EveryCloud.
-Wars, Engineering, 51-100 Employees

As an IT provider we have tried several spam filters but can honestly say that Everycloud provide the best service by far. We receive nothing but positive feedback from our end users using this service, their technical support is excellent which from us as the reseller is the most important point and all enquiries we make are answered in a timely and professional manner. The portal is great for setting up and administering our clients. If you need a spam filter you need everycloud!!

- AnthonyWright, IT Service Provider

I had been looking for an antispam solution that wasn't a pain in the backside to use, effective and at the right price point. After trying and binning a few, along came EveryCloud and ticked all the boxes. It works very well, has excellent training and set up guides and tech support are amongst the most professional that I have encountered for any kind of product. The clients I have put on the service have been delighted.

-Pete6372, IT Service Provider

We've been using EveryCloud since the beginning of the year after trying a number of on premise solutions. Everything about the experience has been easy and practical. The technical support team have been very accommodating as we have learnt the product and it has done exactly what we have asked of it. In fact we like it so much we have started reselling it ourselves.

-Manderosa, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

Excellent Service! Really happy - Matt helped from start to finish. We now resell this service and couldnt recommend it higher! William from www.agtcs.co.uk

- willthack, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

Fantastic customer service and very knowledgeable staff. No need to look any further for your spam prevention needs. Fully deserving of 5*

-alexcouling, Finance, 1-50 Employees

We were stuck with Spam for years and when we got Every cloud solution it was like magic !! over night it all vanished !!! i have been recommending all my clients to use this service its amazing !!

-rebeccadavison, Construction

I had been looking for an antispam solution that wasn't a pain in the backside to use, effective and at the right price point. After trying and binning a few, along came EveryCloud and ticked all the boxes. It works very well, has excellent training and set up guides and tech support are amongst the most professional that I have encountered for any kind of product. The clients I have put on the service have been delighted Anetic Aid 

- alexcclarke, Healthcare

I've used Everycloud with a couple of companies now, and they are my go to provider for Antispam. Technically excellent, but the real cherry on the cake is the background technical support. Friendly, informative and timely. In the IT world you couldn't ask for more. Ray is consistently helpful with well written and informative responses, and a use of the English language that never fails to raise a smile!

-robertdolphin, Manufacturing

It has been a pleasure working with EveryCloud. Their support has impressed us as has their robust and effective service. We are quite relieved to have found an email filter which we feel we can trust.

-TS79, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

Been using Google - Have trialled EveryCloud on smaller domain and moving the main http://www.coupofy.com domain over - Awesome product, no spam, and amazing support


We use this for incoming emails, and it works perfectly. The web portal is very intuitive and easy to use, its quick and easy to check and resolve anything that was caught up in the filter. Also we have a user who gets sent .exe files every so often, and these use to get blocked by our previous filter and it was rather annoying to actually get it released with the .exe file. However with the use of the compliance filter we just had to set this up, and it automatically allowed that user to get her .exe file without any interaction from an administrator at all. Overall, EveryCloud is simple to use, easy to administer and works like it should.

-Davidjgray91, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

So after 7 years of using a Sonicwall E-mail Filter we are tying an anchor to it and dumping it over board. Good-bye and good riddance to bad support and inconsistent filtering. Now for EveryCloud...THANK YOU!!! So far this is week two of our trial and while I'm still learning where everything is in the control panel the function and support has been amazing. Especially support. Highly responsive with detailed explanations. Not just a link to a KB Article...they spell it out with screen shots in the body of the e-mail. 15+ years working IT and I can't remember ever getting e-mails like that from someone in support. We looked at other hosted solutions by some of the other big names and many of them could not match up feature for feature as well as ease of implementation. You don't even have to import users if you don't want to. Continuity support is available, ability to import user allow lists and domain allow lists, attachment type controls, etc.

- Joe6638, Insurance, 101-250 Employees

This service has been great! we went from using forfront protection for exchange to this. The day after getting it set up I was called by one of their support staff who was able to talk me through a few things i was able to do in the control pannel. We had some of users who would get 20-40 spam messages a day that made it through forfront protection now we may see 1-4 messages for all 40 mailboxes in a week. I have to say this has been a great decision to start working with EveryCloud.

-Bryan2268, Transportation, 1-50 Employees

Again EveryCloud support is excellent. my long search for a good spam filtering service paid off. Adding another customer in my realm. Good Job!

-stuartsherlock,IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees
We are evaluating EveryCloud email protection service and we're glad to say they have an incredible support personel that help to understand the solution. I encourage whoever going to evaluate to have an enjoyable demo full of useful features.



Since we are with EveryCloud we have forgot the spam/virus problem. Easy to setup, easy to use, excellent support. 5 stars because they deserve it :) Also i have to add that technical support is quick and accurate. One problem less for us after contact with technical support :) Keep up the good work !

-Nik0laS, Construction

My client had tried to setup their own spam filtering but kept getting inundated with junk mail. All that spam was totally killing their productivity and missing important mail. I wasted a lot of time trying to help them customise spam filters. As a developer I don't like dealing with email related problems so I finally handed this one to EveryCloud. I recommend using this company. Their services are reliable and they were helpful setting it up. My client can now get on with running their business and I can get back to developing software which mean everyone wins.


Just moved from another hosted cloud Anti Spam solution to EveryCloud, we were impressed how easy it was to setup, our users love the "easy to use" web interface and the support staff are amazing. I have been in IT for over 25 years and would say the support staff at EveryCloud are 5 star. A specially thank to Matt for sorting out our complex anti-spam requirements.


We started switching our clients to EveryCloud earlier this year and couldn't be happier. The product is solid and their support has been exceptional. It's a win for us and our clients.

-Chip3937, Consulting

Great product! Our former spam filter just wasn't watching enough anymore. I started a trial with EveryCloud and will never look back! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for cloud-based filtering.

-Mike.H, Healthcare, 101-250 Employees

The EveryCloud spam filtering product is second to none, we use it across our entire customer base and it provides accurate filtering of virus and spam. The portal is very easy to use and finding customers sent and received emails is very easy and intuitive. We have also found that the support from the team there is excellent. To the point where they have even helped me solve mail flow issues that were not caused by their product. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

-DavidTriumph, Engineering

We have been actively using EveryCloud for a while now and are very impressed by the result. We have been using it for our start-up dr-discount.nl and it has solved many problems we previously had with our email servers that other products couldn't solve. Thank you so much team of EveryCloud and Spiceworks. Check out our website https://www.dr-discount.nl Kind regards, Bram

-bramschuijten, Retail

We've been a reseller of the Everycloud services for some time and have found their services to be much easier to establish and maintain than other similar services, not only as a reseller but as an end-user. Our clients have specifically seen a substantial load removed from their every day trudge through SPAM and as such would have no reservations recommending the Everycloud services.

-willrawling, IT Service Provider

I use Everycloud for a couple of weeks now. During my test period, I faced some problems. I wrote the support and I received an immediate answer. For getting things fixed quicker, Joseph gave me a call to Germany. He is a very polite, skilled and helpful person. After fixing my mail server issues, I continued trying, how good the spam filter is. Unfortunately, there was almost 50% spam comming through (I have to say, that also microsoft office 365 spam filters did not filter those mails). I again approched Joseph. He spent a whole night on fixing the filter rules. And now? Almost no spam anymore! To sum up: Try this service, you'll love it. If you have any issues, contact the support. I'm 100% sure, you'll find a solution. Great service, great support, great prices, great filter. Highly recommended. Philip

- philipj, IT Service Provider

I must say that I tried many anti-spam systems since 2005 for my clients. Either on premises or Cloud base including Google, Postini, GFI and Sonicwall. But I must say that Everycloud is way beyond the big guys! Once the system is setup, there is basically nothing else to do but to just receive clean and legitimate emails! I would recommend ANY IT world wide to try... but be aware, you won't let go.

-rafaeltorres, IT Service Provider

After moving to a certain large company who I shall not name (SYMANTEC) we needed a product that was user friendly and easy to set-up after a chat and quick overview we decided to use Everycloud i have since found that the customer service and help I have revived has be second to none as for the product its great ...

-garysmith18, IT Service Provider

As far as how well their Spam service compares to other products, I couldn't say, because it works so well that I have no interest in looking at other products. Where they really stand out is their support. Ray is a legend. He answers the phone like he is eagerly awaiting a call and he fixes it every time! Most faults are not Everycloud faults, but their support guys patiently tells us where to go and look - and they help as much as they can even though it is usually nothing to do with their service. This isn't passing the buck or playing the blame game - I'm sure they'd relish the opportunity to fix something.

-Refresh IT, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

I took them up on the 30 day trial offer and It has been a totally seamless transition from our previous provider. The reports are good and we are happy. We also have the email continuity and have not had to use that yet. I would like to see them add the ability to get an SMS or email to a set of alternate addresses if our connection / server is down.


Very helpful prompt response resolved my problem despite it being after 10 pm on a Saturday evening. Has confirmed my decision to use EveryCloud. Much enjoying my free trial - No unwanted mails in the mailbox!

-David4079, Other

I don't normally write reviews, but I was so impressed with the EveryCloud team and their product demo that I wanted break out of my mold and give a solid review to support their product and our choice to choose their product. As of today, we just officially switched from an on-premise spam filter solution with one of the major players over to EveryCloud. Our former solution was letting too many of the undesirables pass though. No matter how much tweaking we did on the filter, the junk would still pass. We've all seen some extremely legitimate spoofs pass through, but what hurt us recently was one of the worst spoofs I've ever seen in my career, and a user just happened to click on the attachment. Zero-day attack anyone? We've been reviewing solutions for a few months now, but the zero-day caused us to ramp up the search, leading us to EveryCloud. EC offers a 30-day trial, but we only needed two weeks before realizing what a better overall solution we had on our hands. Setup was a breeze. The functionality is robust. Support has always responded to our emails in an around 30 minutes. We even had to call them once because we made a mistake with the config and completely took down outbound email. Support answered the phone in the first 30 seconds and had our issue resolved within the next 30 seconds. The UI is extremely user friendly. The reporting functionality is very useful and easy to work with. And lastly, right out of the box their security 

-SkiBum, Retail
I have been using EveryCloud tech for two month now and support has been awesome! I have gotten nothing but praise from clients, especially lawyers & doctors who in my field get the most SPAM. Having used at least 10 different vendors in the past; I challenge anyone to show me proof that all things being equal that they out-perform them. People don't realize there is a balancing act between catching SPAM and burdening end users\admins. End-users are more annoyed by not receiving important emails then a (one-off) penis enlargement email slipping through (which has not happened yet to any of my clients and they do get them). Plus with so much filter customization in the back-end it should satisfy even the most anal admin. Support confirmed the Cpanel will be converted away from flash within a year. Also noticed some whining about the slow load time. If you can't wait 5-10 seconds for the initial loading of Cpanel then you probably suffer from Anxiety or OCD and there are pills for that. Lastly, I put money where my mouth is and here is proof of how good their spam filtering is! http://bit.ly/everycloudstats   

Just had a demo with Ray from EveryCloud and I am really impressed not with just functionality of product but also with how Ray explained everything to me. We are considering to implement EveryCloud in near future and the demo gave me all the answers for questions I will have from executive team. Thank you very much.

- Filip161, Education

Support and service is superb...Product is good. Will suggest people to use the same. Appreciated your all efforts. Thank you Raf


Are you kidding me? Can you find a better company out there for what they do? NOPE!!!! I'm not an IT pro. I'm just an owner of a small company looking to outsource as much as possible for as low of a price as possible. I was fighting with my Sonicwall product for months and Dell wanted nothing to do with but wanted me to keep spending thousands of dollars to keep the POS running. Found EveryCloud and they helped me set up their service. They were 1/10th of the price. The service was the best I've seen in any application and company I've ever worked with. Heck, they blew me away. Use them. Call them. Chat them... EVERTYHING THEY SAID THEY COULD DO, THEY DID. I can't recommend them enough. Just Saying..... You will not be disappointed.

- roberthrehor

We can highly recommend the speed of this companys support. If you write them an email - they will get back to you almost immediately. This is worth a lot to our organisation.

- kennethbachholmegaard, Finance
Everycloud are to spam what Gandalf the grey is to a Balrog of Morgoth. They shall not pass! Ray at Everycloud is the Obi-Wan Kenobi of our narrative (hold on we are going multi genre on this tale) A wise a powerful master always able to offer insight into the mysteries of the spam. Able to stand against the hordes of darkness, a sword in the darkness, the watcher on the wall. When the warp core needs to be pushed past the redline you will not hear that they can'e do it! No one else in the history of the universe has saved more people from the menace of unwanted tyranny. There bottomless source of insight rivals the cubic capacity of the Tardis. They are the heroes we deserve, and the ones we need right now! You can be sure that when your cursing out there in the wide verse, fearful of an attack from the reavers of Nigerian princes, that they have your back. When those fracking spam toasters are barraging you with nukes they will spin up your anti-apam FTL and jump you to safety. No matter how many malware macro infested spreadsheets or exploit riddled PDF remittance notices you throw at them, Everycloud refuses to die, because ideas ...... ideas are bulletproof. We will fight them in the inbox's, we will fight them on the transport layer. We will fight them through the blacklisting and the in the holistic analyses. We shall never surrender! We have Everycloud deployed at the vast majority of our client domains including schools. The best thing by far about the platform is the simplicity of deployment, while retaining the advanced features that you will need in almost any edge case with out complicating the setup. It can be as simple of as complex as you need it to be to fit the solution. The team are always available and always very pleasant to talk to. I have never had a situation arise that they could not resolve with a simple explanation. I can not recommend them highly enough, the feature-set can not be beat at their price point by anyone! 10/10
-adamt, Education

Great product, brilliant support and exceptional customer service. Some updates needed to the user interface but they are coming and once the new control panel is launched I don't see another product touching it for functionality and price. Whole heartedly recommend

-benowen, IT Service Provider

Great product. We have been Using and Reselling EveryCloud for nearly 12 months and it is great. When we have needed support they are always helpful and efficient. We have seen how ineffective the Server Based AV solutions are at eliminating Spam and EveryClould is the solution. It dramatically reduces the Internet traffic to the network and releases the Spam Filtering workload off the Server.

-John7722, IT Service Provider

We had a ton of issues with spam and viruses making their way into inboxes and unfortunately, we had nothing in place to combat the attacks. I tried other vendors and while there was some improvement, they were usually too hands on and required more tweaking than I wanted. Then I found EveryCloud and those issues quickly dissipated. Ray, Joshua, Joseph, Matt and Paula have all been exceptionally helpful and extremely prompt! The product works extremely well and it's very easy to navigate. When I do have issues that I can't resolve on my own, I contact the team and it's resolved in a couple of minutes. I would definitely recommend this service. Thanks!

- Terry8778, Manufacturing

Customer service is the best I've experienced with an IT related services company. Questions were answered in less than 30 mins! A wonderful product and great people to deal with.

-stephengilson, Retail

Switched over from McAfee when they announced their end of life for their spam product. Could not be happier. The switch was smooth and simple. Support has been outstanding when we have had a few questions while learning the new control panel. And my staff are very happy. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a solid SaaS spam solution.

-Tim Gill, Non-Profit

Effective Spam Filtering, Archiving and Continuity Service covering all email needs. If Email is the most essential item in your business this is a must. We have tried various solutions and found that EveryCloud was the best, and returned to their software after we were moved to Fusemail by EPA, but found that the re-seller package from EveryCloud that EPA was providing at the time was better suited to our needs.

-Jason6282, Software

Tried Microsoft Exchange Online Protection and found the reporting to be painful and inadequate. Saw the reviews on Spiceworks about EveryCloud and gave it a try. I have complete control over inbound messages with the EveryCloud Control Panel. I scanned the reports for a few days and had to whitelist a few but SPAM was kept to a minimum. We had a rash of SPAM coming through from .eu addresses so I opened a support ticket. The response was quick, professional, and effective.

- mitchelllintzen, IT Service Provider

I've only just become a Partner and yet to go live with any clients. But the support/advice I've received so far has been second to none. I have had a live chat with 3 different Support agents, all have spent unlimited time, giving great advice at the same time as being human with a bit of banter. At this point I am only rating the support rather than the product, when we migrate our first client over next weekend I'll report back. I an age where speaking to so many service providers is script driven, long winded & difficult to understand. 5 Stars from so far.

-chriswalker3, IT Service Provider

Have not been a partner that long but the service has been absolutely fantastic. Have just had great difficulty migrating a client onto EveryCloud. It turns out there was an error on the clients host server. All the agents could not have been more helpful even though it was not their fault. Will continue to move my clients to the platform. keep up the good work.

-juliantaylor2, IT Service Provider

We have been using the EverCloud product for a couple of years now and have found the product excellent, the technical support is also excellent should you need them.

- ianclubb

What a great service. Tech support is fantastic (especially Matt & Joshua). No more spam or blacklist issues. I should have switched years ago!

-Debbie1005, Other

very good for spam filtering we use it in our business. we will be moving to office 365 very soon

- joshstanson, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

Our company YourLifePurpose Limited has been using EveryCloud spam filtering for over a year now, and my experience with this company, its product, and especially its support staff, has been amazing. The EveryCloud Control Panel is intuitive and easy to use in terms of black-listing and white-listing E-mails as needed. Great work EveryCloud! Anthony Hadeed CEO

-anthonyhadeed2, Consulting

I have been using EveryCloud's spam filter service for about a year to manage Email for AECB and protect us from a blizzard of spam and viruses which was a having a serious impact on daily productivity and my stress levels. I chose Everycloud from a large number of providers because they were EU based rather than USA based and their service had the features we needed and a good pricing model . Their online documentation was very good, and since we began using their service I have received excellent and rapid support on the few occasions it has been needed. Our users are very happy with the absence of spam and danger in their inboxes. Users find it easy to manage any emails that are held up by the filter and can easily whitelist addresses or deliver any trapped mail . The only difficulty I have with the service is the unfortunate use of Adobe Flash by the control panel but I know that they are working on replacing the Flash UI with something better.

-simonkember, Construction

EveryCloud's system was pretty easy to configure, just point some records to EveryCloud and route every cloud to our Email Server. We had an onsite hardware spam filter, which was doing the opposite of what it was suppose to do! After weighing our options and cost, it was easy to choose EveryCloud. We made the move, and it's been working really well. When we have issues their support center is always prompt!

- AhmedNobel, Other

I have a small VPS on a shared server. The email relays are constantly getting blacklisted and, as such, my customers get bounced emails. Every Cloud has solved my problem with an easy to use interface and rock solid performance. It has become part of my hosting service. I no longer host both websites and email -- I manage the website and put the email in the very capable hands of Every Cloud. Their tech support is amazing! I open a chat window and someone who knows how to help me actually responds! I have never waited more than 60 seconds for a very friendly hello from a tech. Very happy with their product and service and would recommend it to anyone.

- debrahsmith, IT Service Provider

We were having all sorts of problems with spam - getting too much of it - and not receiving our legitimate email... until we got EveryCloud. Our problems ceased immediately. Not sure what we would do without them. As the business manager of a small law office, I also have to mention how EASY it is to work with them on the billing/administrative side. They're incredibly responsive and professional!

-shannabenson, Legal

I have used EveryCloudTech for many years, and even dumped FuseMail due to their incompetence and appalling customer service to go back to EveryCloudTech. I have known Joseph Lizut for many years who is very knowledgeable and friendly chap who has helped me through turbulent times with other providers. I highly recommend this company!

- 1DMF, Finance, 1-50 Employees

I have being looking for a better spam solution for my clients, I'm still in the process of moving them all over but I have not had an problems and would reccomend them. They have even being so kind to answer my probably silly questions.

- paulbrown11, IT Service Provider

We were having issues with our spam filter last year & after running trials with a few alternatives we selected EveryCloud & have been very happy with the solution. It has been working really well & we have just renewed our subscription for a further year.

- julierobins, Other

We have found EveryCloud here on Spiceworks one month ago, and decided to test it. We are currently useing EveryCloud on three customer's servers, The antispam accuracy is really remarkable, with a powerful control panel offering everything you need to control your mail flow, with tools enableing direct interaction of the end user with the filtering engine. We haven't still tested the email continuity and the archiveing, but there are already a lot of features even in the base plan. The main control panel runs in Flash, and could be migrated to html... but works well and is quite fast. We are IT consultants, and we have decided to resell this service to our customers. Great product, kind and efficient support.

- davidemazzoli2

I've recently installed EveryCloud and found that the antispam filter to be very accurate and has in fact meant that i have been able to focus on the emails that are important to me and will deliver revenue into my business. I've been able to focus on my customers and build faster and fluid relationships as i'm not having to sort tonnes of spam. I had a few teething problems due to my own lack of knowledge; but the guys at EveryCloud have been extremely patient and very very helpful and quickly identified my issue and worked alongside a third party company to get it resolved. Great product and exceptional support. Highly recommended.


Excellent antispam filter very accurate, technical support are also very helpful and quick to resolve any issues and answer any questions we have.

- robhooper, IT Service Provider

Fantastic spam blocking service. Very easy to configure and get started. Support is top-notch with almost immediate responses to my questions. Every step of the process is so much better than McAfee's (MX Logic) - I'm so happy that we moved to EveryCloud.

- georgebrowning, Software

EveryCloud is a great, easy to use, tool. We have been using EveryCloud for a few months now and we have received fantastic support both setting up clients and with any queries. 5/5 would recommend.

- tylerhardwick, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

Have used EveryCloud for 2 years now. Control of filtering is great and the support always quick, friendly and human. Pricing is very good too.

-ricwadsworth, IT Service Provider

Very easy to setup and works well. You can decide what the users have control over and can release on their own. Support was proactive in getting me up and running answering all my questions very quickly.

-John3113, Software

Been using this for a few days and very impressed with how it works! Dead easy to setup, great support, Partner portal is very impressive and excellent tools for Admin and End Users! Highly Recommended!

- scottyquilter

Our company https://www.bargainfox.co.uk have been testing/using EveryCloud spam filtering and our experience with this company, its product, and especially the support staff, have been awesome. The EveryCloud spam filtering is great, intuitive control panel and easy to use in terms of black and white listing emails.

-jamesmcloud, Marketing
We're a school looking after 900 pupils and around 400 members of staff. We were using an on-premise SPAM filtering solution and whilst it was doing it's job, it wasn't doing it's job well enough and with the amount of viruses, macro viruses and phishing going around it was felt that we needed to find a more robust solution. I had a look around trying to find a cloud based solution which would fit our needs, which was easy to setup, easy to use (both on the admin side and for our users), effective in stopping SPAM whilst letting legimate emails through, good support and at a decent price. On the ease of setup: Our school runs nearly 24/7 and if email stops or is even delayed, our staff notice. However, the switch over went so well, that people asked me if we had done it that day or not. Ease of use: From an admin side, i rarely go into the control panel, there have been a few occasions where i have had to go in to carry out a site wide whitelist entry or add a manual block for certain key words but these actions take me less than a minute (probably much less) to carry out. The compliance filter is very, very powerful and when i think "i wonder if the filter will allow me to do this?" it (so far) always has. Everything is very straight forward to use and the panel just works. From a user point of view, the team has had very few calls asking how to use it (which is a rarity for us), and i can see just from the user-generated whitelist that they have no problem either using the email report function or going into the actual control panel. Stopping SPAM: Superb. I've gone from checking the SPAM email log reports (on our old system) multiple times a day to checking Everycloud once every couple of days and thats just to just look at the stats. Our users have also commented on Everycloud, with the word "Brillant" being mentioned many times. The phishing checks and embedded macro checks are a welcome addition our security as well. The first few days after we migrated, our users were actually sending themselves emails from their personal email accounts to their school email accounts to make sure that email was still working, due to the drop off in SPAM and infomail emails. Support: I've only needed to speak to support when we first migrated across and that was just to ask about some of the features and they were extremely helpful. Other than those times, i can't recall needing to speak to support since. Price: Very competitive, more so as they don't charge for our pupils only for our staff. Overall i've been literally blown away at how capable EveryCloud SPAM filtering is. It's reduced the time me and my staff spend on the email filtering, made my users happier with cleaner mailboxes and given me a better piece of mind when it comes to nasty emails and attachments potentially getting onto my users computers. Would recommend Everycloud in a heartbeat.
-stevemassey4, Education

We would definitely recommend Every Cloud, It is very easy to deploy/setup and you can set up policies so you can decide what the users have control over. Their reporting tool also makes day to day life easier! Also worth mentioning their great support, very quick to respond and happy to help. Also very good on price!

- laurencarey, IT Service Provider

Panic installed in an afternoon after our existing vendor tried to hardball us into a corner on price. Great help from knowledgeable and hands on phone support. Ray was fantastic and reviewed my entries, talked through potential pitfalls and discussed how we could layer the service to increase functionality at a later date. Catch rate has been fantastic, initial training caused some hiccups (our communication not the software) in the first day or two but once users got used to the digest and toolbar it has dramatically reduced calls to our helpdesk and false positives are now rare. It is great to see all those nasty macro viruses screened out before they get on to the network! As a bonus the performance on our Exchange 2010 has improved noticeably, with the reduction in total email (~75% is rejected) and no requirement for scanning on server. A good product backed up with great service.

-MarkEth, Construction

With our existing SaaS Email Protection & Continuity service being withdrawn/EOL by McAfee, we evaluated several alternative solutions and decided to switch to EveryCloud. It has turned out to be an excellent decision, EveryCloud is easier to use and is much more effective/accurate than the McAfee Email Protection product was. One of the reasons we chose EveryCloud is that the pricing is competitive for small businesses and enterprise customers alike. Most competing products that offer comparable features are aimed purely at enterprise customers, with pricing based on a minimum of 10 licenses.

- richardspencer3, IT Service Provider

Signed up for the free trial and was up and running within 30 mins. Had a couple of questions during the setup which were resolved immediately thanks to Matt on the Live chat. After setup I was contacted by the account manager who arranged for the technical support to contact me. Ray Carter had already looked at the account and identified an issue I wasn't aware of on my own server. He provided a very fast response including a full explanation with examples which enabled me to resolve the issue. The filter itself has worked very well so far although it is still early days.

-Jason9219, Other

We started looking for an email protection solution after McAfee reached EOL, and it didn't take long for us to decide on EveryCloud. The service is rock-solid, the support is responsive, and the setup was a breeze; we were up and running within a few minutes! The control panel is intuitive enough, yet feature-packed. We were able to customize the system to suit our environment within the first day. More in-depth customization is available and encouraged. On top of it all, the pricing is quite competitive for what is just a top notch service.

- kylewroble2

EveryCloud makes a well rounded product. From the ease of the setup to the very intuitive interface, accessible anywhere anytime, this product really stands out. The decrease in spam from our former onsite spam filter application is really remarkable. The support is second to none with a readily available and knowledgeable staff. This one is an easy one to recommend. This is a great product.

-TIDPC, Manufacturing

We have used it as our replacement for the McAfee SAAS service and are happy with the product and the support staff.

-joeng1423, IT Service Provider

Within the first week of deploying EveryCloud we have seen impressive results. EveryCloud has blocked more virus-riddled and phishing-infected emails in the first week of use than I saw in the last six months of our previous solution. We are also impressed with the ease of use. And our staff's quick adoption to the intuitive interface. It has taken the worry out of training, managing, and constantly updating the service. The reporting is good and allows us to enforce email and network policies. The Texas Society of CPAs have been extremely pleased with our decision to go with EveryCloud as our email spam and filter solution.

- TonyV2016, Non-Profit

Hi All, I had an issue recently with items being blocked as to content. I contacted Every Cloud regarding the issue, I received a very quick response and the issue was resolved before the close of business on the same day. Many thanks for all your assistance, a pleasure to deal with many thanks. Excellent product and excellent support from Every Cloud

-carltonclubs, Entertainment
After being frustrated with previous usage of some of the bigger names in the spam filtering marketplace, I have been astounded with the quality of the product and the after service. We took the 30 day free trial with a pinch of salt, and have never looked back. As we are a recruitment agency, we get inundated with spam from multiple channels on a regular basis. However, we also have clients sending relatively large files as attachments so it's critical that we don't have too many FP's. The Control Panel can be a little slow to use, but it's very user friendly and setting whitelist/blacklist is very simple. After the initial 'learning' phase we have had a huge reduction in spam and fp's by over 70% across the board. Very few emails get through the filtering system, even if they do blacklisting an email address on the domain works perfectly. Any issues that have occurred have been dealt with swiftly by the excellent technical support team especially Ray Carter. I would hesitate without recommendation this product, it's very competitively priced and you feel valued as a customer for a business critical defence in the ever-evolving world of malware. Regards, George

EveryCloud makes a well rounded product. From the ease of the setup to the very intuitive interface, accessible anywhere anytime, this product really stands out. The decrease in spam from our former onsite spam filter application is really remarkable. The support is second to none with a readily available and knowledgeable staff. This one is an easy one to recommend. This is a great product.

- DgSilva, IT Service Provider, 1-50 Employees

We have tried several email SPAM solutions and have had mixed results and then come across Every Cloud. Every Cloud has proven a major success in that its easy to install and does exactly what it says. Block viruses and SPAM and makes releasing trapped emails very easy with the regular reports that the users receive. As a reseller we have also been able to customise the reporting feature which is fantastic. We are now setting about moving our remaining clients over to Every Cloud. The support we have received has also been very impressive. Great success - thanks Richard Hooper PS4B

-richardhooper2, IT Service Provider

This system is very easy to set up and just works day one. Support replies to questions rather quickly and with intelligent answers. Documentation is to the point for Technicians and not full of long pointless pages. My only regret is I did not find them last year. Try it. You will like it.

-Stevend@parabit.com, Manufacturing

Everycloud support staff can not be beat. The guys and gals that work at Everycloud have always gone above and beyond to make sure all my questions are answered and all my problems were solved. Their software has also saved me hours and hours of downloading unwanted emails. Everycloud software has returned my email box back to me and made opening my email enjoyable again. The BEST money I have ever spent. Special thanks to Joseph Lizut for getting me back online so quickly.

-jeffhamilton2, Other

I find EveryCloud filtering to be very efficient - we have tried a number of providers over the years and, right now, I would have to rate them the best in terms of filtering proficiency, reliability and support. Also, special mention to the support team - I work with a number of varying tech partners, and the support people at EveryCloud surely rank among the very best. (Thanks again Ray!)

-alexharness, IT Service Provider

This is a highly professional service, I certainly would recommend for email filtering and their support is fast and effective .

- janedowning, Construction

Excellent, above and beyond service provided. Whats more is that i'm not even a customer of theirs. (yet!) The technical responses provided allowed me to steer in the right direction towards finding the solution with my own hosting provider. I will definitely consider using these guys as the number 1 choice for my anti-spam gateway if ever required in future! Cheers Mitch

-Vandark, Retail

Just had an excellent support session with Joseph from Everycloud to help out with a third party mailing campaign that was being blocked. The antispam filter works well and the portal has great information, reporting and is easy to use.

-AndyVickerstaff, IT Service Provider

Our organization has migrated to EveryCloud after a long stint of being an MXLogic Partner. I have nothing but good things to say. Migrating has been simple, efficient and intuitive. All of my interactions with the CSR team and support teams have been positive...and pretty speedy. I get the sense that their staff are invested in providing a good product, and that makes me enthusiastic about being partnered with them. The biggest "pro" (to me) of EveryCloud's service is the control panel; I find it both comprehensive as well as visually appealing...a nice contrast to MXLogic's portal, which was a headache to use for just about any operation. Looking forward to a long and happy partnership with this company. Highly recommend them.

-travisfromprestwood, IT Service Provider

Everycloud has had a massive impact on our business and the business that we support, It's now our only recommended solution for Spam and Email Protection. Keep up the good work. Stuart Stafford - Blue Rock Systems Ltd

- stuart7404 IT Service Provider

Support is always great and helpful. Does an excellent job of filtering spam/viruses out (Much better than Sophos PureMessage). Slowly moving a lot of our customers away from Sophos PureMessage and onto EveryCloud as it does a much better job! Highly recommended!

-thecalstanley, iT Service Provider

Great product with Excellent Customer Support. Superior filtering with friendly user interface which nice and simple to use. Information such as mailflow is displayed straight away rather than having to go to a dedicated section or do searches. Technical support is always spot on with great response times. Everycloud are always happy to help. As an IT Technician it's a relief to deal with a support team who will speak in technical terms if you are a technical person, without the need to dumb it down as if you're an ordinary end user like some Competitors do. Support is always polite and straight to the point, always happy to help and make you feel like nothing is too much to ask. Would highly recommend Everycloud based on the product as well as the support provided by them

- jameshall5

Fabulous product, very easy to set up and configure. Very functional, and most importantly does a brilliant job of filtering spam.

-johnclough, IT Service Provider

Migrating over to everycloud, good service and product. very functional, good browser and white label ability. Areas of improvement: mobile usage as it uses flash. I believe this is coming

- azeemjaved, IT Service Provider

Great product, very easy to use and it does a great, transparent job of filtering spam. The customer support is excellent as we're always greeted very promptly by helpful, knowledgeable technicians. Special thanks to Ray who was very swift in providing information to help with a recent spam attack on our server.

- shelleymontague, IT Service Provider

EveryCloud has been a fantastic option for us as a partner. Our customers noticed a marked improvement since migrating from MXLogic. Sales, Support and Billing is first class and friendly at EveryCloud. EveryCloud is personal, efficient and responsive like the original SpamSoap over a decade ago before it was sold to Nuvotera. We recommend EveryCloud to all our customers. EveryCloud is more comprehensive than MXLogic. EveryCloud worked with us to seamlessly migrate all our clients with price matching to maintain features. The console interface is superior to MXLogic and we enjoy all our clients being under one easy to use interface. The only feature we miss is system down disaster e-mail notifications.

-NetworkCompany, IT Service Provider

This is a great spam filtering product which we recommend to our customers, the product is easy to implement and configure and is very user friendly. The Outlook plugin is a great tool for reporting spam, infomail and spam reports too! The support team are very cooperative - highly recommended product.

- lewiswarriner, IT Service Provider

As a service provider, we want to provide the best to our customers, and EveryCloud are just that. When we need support, they are there in a flash. They resolve the problem in usually minutes. The user interface is so easy to use, even our more technically limited clients are happy to use the product. We now suggest Everycloud as our main supplier of Anti-Spam solutions. Continue the great work!

- fredmunro, IT Service Provider

We are getting great feedback from our customers about the EveryCloud service - they really like the filtering efficiency. It all helps to keep both us and our customers happy! Our account manager, Stephen, is always helpful. Many thanks for a great product and service.

- digarbera, IT Service Provider

I'm more than happy with the Everycloud anti spam service. I have one customer of only 10 users and they're blocking over 1M bad emails per month! I will continue to use myself, and for my customers.

-prestoncole, IT Service Provider

Having tried other spam solutions in the past we have found this one more manageable and certainly very good at cleaning spam emails. Setup time is next to nothing and the user list can self build. Customers like the email reports for blocked emails and the ability to self manage their blacklist and whitelists.

-garethhopes, IT Service Provider

We were victims of a specific kind of spam which our previous spam filter (GFI) was unable to block, but EveryCloud solved our problem. Plus I really enjoyed interacting with the support team, very proactive responses. I first heard of Everycloud on this very page and I now highly recommend the service.

-jbcebe, Finance

As a new customer/end user of Everycloud we have migrated from our previous service provided due to the service and support being well below expectation. Since using Everycloud we have been totally happy with both the service and support offered, "it does what it says on the tin" but in an easy to use fashion whilst being well structured and efficient. I would be happy to recommend Everycloud to anyone looking for a new service provider

-andrewwade2, Manufacturing

Excellent service and support. Very easy to configure an maintain and have had no complaints from customers about the quality of the spam filtering. Would highly recommend to anyone looking at alternatives to other big players in this market.

- jamescollins2, IT Service Provider

We have been searching for a new service provider since our last provider was found to be distinctly lacking in both performance and support. Having trialed Everycloud we have now committed to using their service which we have found to be a very professional and polished product, also the support is first class. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Everycloud to anyone thinking of moving and to all that have not yet seen the light. An excellent service at a very affordable price.

- andywade, Software

My company was looking for an anti-spam & email continuity service to replace McAfee MX Logic that we could recommend to our clients. I explored a number of solutions, but EveryCloud quickly jumped to the top of our list. Our partnership has only just begun, but we've already found their staff to be responsive, friendly, and willing to answer all of our questions and concerns to our satisfaction. Based on the extensive 1-on-1 demo I sat through with an EveryCloud technician, I have no doubt that their company and the products they offer will meet and far exceed our -- and, more importantly, our clients' -- expectations.

-KerouacJack, IT Service Provider

We have used several different Anti-Spam solutions, but EveryCloud is by far the best all around. We love the admin/user portal, and how simple it is to fine tune our mail flow. Thanks EveryCloud!

-stevensedory2, IT Service Provide

Having tried a number of cloud based AV and Anti Spam filtering products, none have performed as well as EveryCloud in terms of detection, portal ease of use and support. All the staff I have dealt with have been excellent!

- daveatkins2, IT Service Provider

If you are looking for straightforward feature rich effective spam filtering and continuity give Everycloud a try. Very competitive pricing combined with knowledgeable Sales and Support people. Highly Recommended.

-robinmcgowan, IT Service Provider

I was in a tight spot and needed an anti-spam solution yesterday. I did a quick Google search and Everycloud popped up above the others. I made a snap decision and never regretted it. I had trouble setting it up because I did some steps wrong. I called them up and they walked me through it all the way until mail was flowing again and verified. Every month or so, I go back to the console and can generate an easy-to-read report of what Everycloud is blocking.


Excellent in terms of being customer focused in my experienced. Has an outlook plugin that seems to work well. Did not have external link scanning.

- RizwanM

We started a free trial with Every Cloud and have been very happy with it so far. It has significantly reduced the amount of spam email we were receiving and we like the reports that notify us of what has been flagged as spam. Great filter. Easy to use.

-dominiqueorbon, Finance

After getting inundated with spam, about 10,000 per week in a 10-person office, we tried EveryCloud and literally shut that down! Now we need to prune about 500 Infomail and we'll be sitting pretty! Our Internet bandwidth is way down due to cutting the spam. Thanks to EveryCloud support for walking me through all the ways to cut down spam using their Control Panel. You guys are OK!

--aj-, Consulting

We are a small engineering company that does not have a dedicated IT department - in fact I am the IT department. Previously we had been using and internal solution (Xeams) and it left a lot to be desired. I decided to give EveryCloud a shot and haven't looked back. The service is simple, powerful and it just works. It required very little setup in order to get efficient filtering up and running, which was exactly what we were looking for. Since initial setup I have modified I think 3 settings (all of which tech support walked me thru). We liked the spam filtering so much that we have added on the continuity service. The service is great, but what really sold me was the top notch support. I have contacted them several times via their web based chat and every time i speak with someone that is knowledgeable, patient and fixes the problem in minutes. Highly recommend EveryCould!

-Gssc141414, Engineering

LIVE SAVER we have been using this service for the last few years and the spam filtering is excellent and the support is great, I would recommend EveryCloud to anyone looking for a set it and forget it email filtering service www.venustv.tv Free to air family TV channel sky 805

- tahirali

EveryCloud has done *exactly* what I needed and expected and more, for a really suprisingly low price. For that price I'd expect bulk/bot type delayed ticketing support etc and instead I've experienced prompt, personal, thorough support through live chat. They've always resolved everything immediately, even a billing issue on the phone once. Can't recommend highly enough, SO glad that I found them. Kudos to Joseph this morning for going the extra mile for me and keeping me in touch with some critical work email, very fast turnaround.


Moved my whole client base from McAfee to EveryCloud a few months ago. The transition couldn't have been easier. Support for this product is what we all wish for in a vendor. They are responsive and easily available with Chat. Billing is clear and concise. The few issues I've had with false positives have been easy to resolve by notifying EveryCloud. Tickets seem to be worked on within an hour or so. My clients have all expressed that it does a better job than McAfee, and is easier to work with. Highly recommend as an alternative.

-ValuableLogic, Consulting

Everycloud was the best antispam solution found for email secutity in ours clients. Support is qualified and prestative. They are greats!

-Fabio Lopes Belli, Consulting

We’ve been using EveryCloud for the last month on one of our sub domains using their free 30 day trial, since our current provider is going EOL.  EveryCloud was simple to set up, support was excellent, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The service has been great and works well. The admin interface is easy to use and the search function is very good making email tracking very easy.  I have no hesitation in recommending EveryCloud !

-harshakiran, IT Service Provider
As a long term user of first Postini, and then MCafee, I recently switched over to EveryCloud. I am very happy with the service. I opened a few support tickets, mainly to test their support. I found them to be very quick and helpful. I think their spam filtering works very well (better than Mcafee). I think the Outlook add-in is the best I have seen. My only disappointment is incoming emails can sometimes come through Europe. Also, outgoing emails (I use them for outgoing SMTP) can also appear to come from Europe. This happens despite me using .us servers for my configuration. It's a matter of their load balancing. Not many people like me look at email headers through. While the patriotic side of me does not like using Europe, the capitalist side of me appreciates a great product at a great price. So they win.
-jonyelton2, Legal

Our McAfee Email Security was reaching EOL and was looking for a suitable replacement. I signed up for the free trial and was impressed with ease of setup and use. The end users in our office noticed the difference right away! Less spam in our inboxes is a plus in my books. Only thing that I would want to change is the use of Flash for their control panel, but otherwise, the filtering that they use is pretty top notch.

-Kevin9330, Other

We started using EveryCloud 6 months ago when suddenly inundated with spam and it has done the trick. It's so easy to just check through one report email rather than see all this spam individually in my in-box. EveryCloud support team are friendly, speedy and efficient. I'd recommend EveryCloud for sure!

-siobhanhoward, Entertainment

Just started using EveryCloud, very effective spam filter. Much better than other systems I've used! I'm now recommending it to my clients.

-darrenheales, IT Service Provider

Just transitioned from McAfee to Every Cloud, and it's functionally superior in just about every facet. Beautiful clean portal, easy navigation, and simple for end users to manage their own accounts. I had never migrated from a service like McAfee, but the instructions were clear, and the transition was seamless. There was also a place to import users and white list, which was also very easy to import from McAfee. Wonderful service.

-Brad Foskett, Other

As a medium sized Support Service Delivery Team we have moved a large portion of our small to mid size clientele to Everycloud away from other elements such as Fusemail and McAfee. The interface for daily management is logical and straight forward enough for all engineer levels to grasp quickly. Furthermore, if end users are setup to manage themselves, with a little guidance initially they will have no issues whitelisting and delivering mail if caught by the filters. And to top it off, their support SLA response speed and knowledge base within the Everycloud Manages Services team is some of the best I've come across in the last 7 years of I.T. Service support and Management. I could not recommend their email filter facilitate enough.

-Pete Harrison, IT Service Provider
We started moving customer over to EveryCloud after McAfee's Saas ran into EOL, the migration process itself has been very easy with little to no downtime for users mails. Since using the filter for a few of our customer we have now advised that all our customer consider it as their go to for a spam filter. EveryCloud's portal is very intuitive and straight forward to use and setting up new customer can be done in 5-10 minutes. As and added benefit, any issues or uncertainties can be answer by EveryCloud's fantastic support team, I have never had a question take longer than 1-2 hours to be answered and the first email almost always has the exact fix I require. Not only does EveryCloud make a great spam filter but it has also aided us during server migrations and during the installation of new internet connections. The continuity mailboxes allow us to give a near full email system during the migration process or the changing of MX records to new internet lines, giving a very smooth transition for customers. Overall very impressed!
- williamtootell, IT Service Provider

We started using Everycloud recently for 1500 admin and faculty users. It has been great to have the possibility to give our users the possibility to review what has been filtered as spam and release or whitelist them. It really has been a relief for the IT Support team in terms of the number of incidents generated and time spent going through spam logs and most of all the confidence of our users that an important email hasn´t been filtered by mistake.

-fernandokato, Education

This is great and very easy to use! The service allows for using a smart host so your MX record lookups stay good even on multiple WAN connections. This is really easy for smaller shops that want the control like big companies without the expensive hardware and services. I am glad I found this and could try it out for free to ensure it works like I needed.

-dales2, Other

Good product and good tech support, only let down by the web UI and lack of Android app to release emails.

-Jack Cheung, IT Service Provider

Decided to take advantage of the free trial after an impressive demo with Joshua. Transitioning to EveryCloud from MX Logic was simple and easy. Couldn’t have been any smoother. To my surprise our external customers were not impacted too much either. Quality of filtering is very good. The service has made an immediate impact on our company. Tech support is also very good and knowledgeable. The control panel web GUI has a little bit of a learning curve but once you’re familiar with it, it makes sense and it’s easy to use. Their immediate online chat was very useful while learning the new system. Most pleased with the spam filtering. Far superior to MX Logic. Would have switched a long time ago if we had only knew.

-DarekZ, Manufacturing

We have been an EveryCloud partner since November 2016. We use the solution for ourselves as well and it is a very good product. Very few false positives and it blocks all really bad stuff. The support team are very helpful and deal with support cases in a very timely matter. The only criticism I can level at the product offering as a whole is the flash based web interface can be a bit temperamental at times, but other than that I am very happy with Everycloud.

-Joe6584, Retail
Somehow my primary business email address got on the 'wrong lists' and I was getting flooded with spam. I 'Google'ed for solution providers and EveryCloud caught my eye, along with a couple others. I decided to go with EveryCloud's free trial offer and I was pleasantly surprised by the low cost (all things considered), how easy the set up was, and how quickly I was getting near perfect relief from the spam merchants. I did the sign-up on a Sunday evening - was expecting to have to jump through hoops and not be signed up and operational until maybe Monday evening. Instead - within an hour or so, it was a done deal. The biggest hassle was due to my shared business hosting provider (HostGator) not giving me access to MX records. However, the domain registrar (GoDaddy) provides alternative DNS provisioning, So, I flipped the DNS over to GoDaddy, within 5 minutes that was operational, and I added the MX records there. I received the first pass through email about a half hour later. Given where I am leaving this review - I think it's reasonably safe to presume that anyone reading this will be able to navigate the configuration and the good news is - yeah it really works and it's doing a good job of catching spam 'right out of the box'. There's a dashboard to 'check' for errant flags and to whitelist/blacklist specific senders but in the early going they are batting 100%; seeing their email filtering service perform this well is very encouraging. My previous experiences with spam filtering services were far less pleasant.
- gordonlincoln, Marketing

We moved over from Cloudmark when it went end of life last year and were left wondering why we didn't do it sooner. Very straight forward to use, quick support when issues occur, highly recommend.

-ShiftyWoo, Aerospace

Just finished the first month and EveryCloud has performed admirably. The edge detection reduced the number of spams for review to less than 5% of what was seen before EveryCloud.


EveryCloud has been a great asset to my work email, efficiently filtering out unwanted messages with an easily digestible interface for allowing individual emails and senders through the net. Customer service has been prompt and useful when required.

-paulegan, Construction

Implemented Everycloud a little over a month ago and am very pleased with the service. I like that my end users control their whitelist/blacklist and the virus filtering works much better than my previous solution. I find the control panel easy to navigate and their Outlook add-on is really nice as well for manually requesting a report.

-paulywogstew, Other

Our anti-spam offering is probably similar to other ISPs. Started with Google Postini. When they dumped that offering, we went to McAfee, which was, in my opinion, the best available. Unfortunately, McAfee decided to drop their anti-spam, so we migrated to ProofPoint. Big mistake. ProofPoint seemed like a great alternative, but, like AOL, they were not ready for the large influx of customers when McAfee announced their EOL. Their service constantly failed and support takes weeks to get an answer. On top of that, they don't sell direct to ISPs, so you must go through a vendor. The vendor we chose (only 2 available) tried to overcharge us many times. This last straw caused us to look again for something our customers would be happy with. In comes Everycloud. This has most of what McAfee provided, plus a nice feature of the Outlook plugin. They are not without fault, but hopefully over time, the kinks will be worked out. For us, support has been very responsive. When we started using them (December, 2016), they only had a couple of people in the U.S. to answer support calls, and phone support is not 24/7. Email support seems a bit better and appears to be always available. I have received email responses quickly (usually less than 4 hours). A few things I would like to see to give a 5 star rating is: 1) Increased phone support, 2) HTML-based control panel (current is flash-based and will not work on iOS, unless you use the Puffin browser. At the time of this review, the HTML5-based control panel is in beta testing). 3) The ability to blacklist anything on the spam report (current is only whitelist or deliver). We use a spam report that excludes any blacklisted email, although it will appear in the user's spam mailbox. 4) The spam mailbox should have the option to hide any blacklisted email. Out of sight, out of mind. 5) The ability to manually enable the continuity service. During testing of mail servers, we don't want email to be delivered, just in case we need to restore from a backup. The ability to stop mail flow temporarily without having to modify routers or internal services would be helpful. Other than these little quirks, the service is working very well and overall, we, and our customers, are very happy.

- aaronham2, IT Service Provider

We had been using McAfee but when they ended service, I decided to do some research rather than just be migrated to Proofpoint by default. After reading reviews, I chose to go with EveryCloud. They have an excellent product which is very intuitive. The notification emails are an excellent tool for my users which was very helpful in teaching them how to identify potential threats. We are in the process of switching our email from Exchange to G Suite and I've discovered that Googles spam filtering leaves a lot to be desired. While I'm sure it functions well, potential threats simply go into the Junk/Spam folders and without the notification emails, it just creates too much of a margin for error on the users so we will be switching back to EveryCloud for Google Apps asap. And I cannot say enough good things about the support I receive. Any issue I encountered was responded to and resolved quickly. All I can say is keep up the good work!

-TrishL, Other

The team has always been super responsive whenever I needed them to troubleshoot some issues. Most of the time the service simply works great, and it's pretty affordable. I would recommend.

-juliendecaillon, Entertainment

Another MxLogic McAfee fan here. The MSP that I used to work for settled with Roaring Penguin as a replacement for the solution early this year. It's very tedious to maintain and setup initially, not to mention that the person who chose the solution don't have any idea how SaaS works. Customers are complaining how the SPAM intake got worse. After 3 months of agony, I had to find a different solution that would work for my client quickly. Checked Spiceworks, found EveryCloud, contacted sales and spoken to Lee-Ann Masterson (which by the way made this choice easier, excellent customer service). I checked Youtube tutorials and demos afterwards then I signed up within the week for a 3 year plan for 130 users. I'm now using it and looking forward to use it as long as I can. The product is very user friendly, easy to setup (only took me an hour), the quarantine reports are very pleasing to the user. Same with the other person that posted here, I can't wait to use an HTML version as Flash kinda slows down the browser experience and some limited mobile phone options. A blacklist option in the quarantine reports will be a huge plus as well. However, I'm giving my 5 stars in advance because I know they are working on these improvements as we speak.

- Stupid Out, Consulting

We have a very small (non-IT) consulting shop and were getting swamped with SPAM (some accounts getting over 200 per day). In addition, we had a requirement to "upgrade" the security on our mail server to use a non self-signed certificate (don't ask). Everycloud solved both issues, and has been very easy to work with. It did take some time to set up the white lists for some users (having sales contacts can mean a large number of entries). All in all, we are quite happy. [Disclosure: EveryCloud gives users one month free to write a review...although it doesn't have to be a POSITIVE review.]

-JustAnotherDay, Consulting

Had tried various inhouse spam filtering from grey listing through to Spam Assassin whilst these improved things the number of messages hitting each users mailboxes were in the hundreds daily. Now I see maybe five messages a day. 

-NeilFS, IT Service Provider

We had been on a few different web based solutions for each of the last few years, searching for a great fit. What we struggled with on the competitors solutions, was finding a good balance of false positives vs. missed threats. We first started exploring options, because our users were complaining of receiving too much spam. When we reviewed, we tried to optimize our original solution, and it was either too aggressive; which led to countless Support calls and end user complaints, or malicious emails were making it through, which created more work for our support team. Also, the admin experience and performance of the admin console, far outperform the leading competitor solutions we've evaluated in recent years. Like the title says, we feel like we have finally found what were were looking for.

-Aaron133, Manufacturing

After running trials of several different SPAM filters, EveryCloud came out way on top. I received positive feedback from users right away. We do have some false positives but I would rather have those than the SPAM we received with Trend Micro. We whitelist them and move on. The Outlook plugin works great and customer service has been excellent the few times I have needed them. They threw some competitive pricing my way and the decision was easy.

-CooperJS1, Other

An Excellent Product (loads better than most out there and for a sensible price) and Support Desk is first class

-MartinOneill, IT Service Provider

We got this product to replace Mxlogic and are pleasantly surprised that it did an even better job at filtering out spam.

-Bill9059, Retail

We've been with EveryCloud for a bit over a year after transitioning off of McAfee's products. The product has been reliable, and in the handful of times we've need to reach out to support, they have been outstanding in responding quickly and when needed in escalating issues that need to be.

-JoeB13, Retail

We've been with Everycloud for a little over a year now, and it's been a great solution for our organization. The system is comprehensive and incredibly customizable. I never fear that we will be hit with an infected attachment!

-kylewroble, Manufacturing

I have a few clients using everycloud for spam filtering for several years and it has been a good service. They have a control panel where you can see virus activity and emails that have been blocked. If a legit email was blocked, you can release and whitelist the sender. They generate pie charts of email stats that you can show our client. And technical support has always been responsive and helpful.

-abswv, IT Service Provider

Their support is really responsive and they're constantly evolving their system to mitigate threats. There's some good stuff just on the horizon like US datacenters and an HTML 5 control center.

-ComputerJustice, Energy
We at Vertical Computers use EveryCloud for most all of our client's email filtering. It is simple to use and cut back on spam 100 fold. If there has been any issues or questions EveryCloud support is always quick to assist. I greatly appreciate this product and recommend it to anyone.


-kodybakos, IT Service Provider

I have used EveryCloud for two years and am completely satisfied with their service. In addition their call in support is prompt and professional.

-bryandurocher, Consulting

This is great service working like what I am expecting! and they provide a good price for similar service. I am satisfied with it.

-frankjin2, Healthcare

We've been running 50 or so clients through EveryCloud's AntiSpam service since about 2012 We've have had a very happy relationship with them, the product works well, is highly configurable and the support is great. Works equally well for O365 customers or customers with on-premises Exchange in my experience and adds a great extra layer of security for the customer, and logging for the admins

-ChrisITP, Other

We recently purchased EveryCloud and it satisfies every aspect of Spam Prevention. Their support services were very helpful setting up the software as well.

-Trevor85, Construction

Great customer onboarding process. Professional sales and support. It's not a show. Support is very responsive and professional after the trial is over. EveryCloud is a critical part of securing our customers' networks.

-IOIO so off to work iGo, IT Service Provider

Great product and support service, engineers are thorough, quick to respond and helpful. Would definitely recommend this company, a pleasure to work with.


Reliable, easy to scan (and reject) infomail, spam, etc. I've used this now for about 6 months and it just works

-markstega3, Healthcare

We've been using Everycloud for anti-spam for over a year now. I really like the digest email of all the stuff that was blocked. You can skim read in seconds to see if there's anything you want to release and then get on with your day. Many of my colleagues have mentioned improvements to their productivity since we started using Everycloud.

-podandrews, Other

Having been bombarded with 1000's of spam emails prior to buying into the service, it's nice to open our mail clients and see emails we can respond to without having to wade through oodles of unnecessary spam and virus-laden rubbish.

-Nick3989, Finance

The support given by the Everycloud support team is quick & concise. Its refreshing to talk to a technical person who knows exactly what the problem is and gives an answer with no BS.

-Paul3566, IT Service Provider

We had 'licensing admin issues' with our Microsoft EOP service and switched to EveryCloud within hours and never looked back

- peterscobbie, Other

When we decided to look at pursuing a more reliable and effective anti-spam filter we found that Everycloud provided everything we needed to protect our network.

-itsupport1392, Manufacturing

We came from Solarwinds MSP mail, and it was a decent but slow product, however they started a new product called Mail Assure and the thing is half baked and very ugly. So since they were inflexible about keeping the old MSP system going, I was forced to look elsewhere. Noticed the Spiceworks reviews of EveryCloud and decided to give it a try. Wow! It's been incredible, and excellent support although I didn't need much support it's so comprehensive. I highly recommend this to other MSPs out there. Our clients love us for switching..

-Derrick Conner, Consulting

My company has been a partner for over a year and have been using EveryCloud for about the same time. Looked at compatible products and services and used many before deciding on EveryCloud. Product took very little time to set up and once all the background work was done, it did its job. Recently rolled out to one of our clients who have been using a server-based Exchange product who called it "the best thing the company did for us in 20+ years!" So far, all customers we've rolled this product out to have been extremely happy with the results.


Our first venture into managing our own anti-spam. Very happy with the support the few times we needed to use it.


Excellent spam filtering, with a fast and informative support team. Very quick to set up, and easy to administer thereafter. We use this for around 10 satisfied clients.


EveryCloud has been providing my clients with rock-solid email protection for over a year now. I have been very pleased with the caliber of protection provided to my clients by this fantastic filtering service. After the learning curve is out of the way and the initial setup is completed, the service just works the way you want it to.


We came from Solarwinds MSP mail, and it was a decent but slow product, however they started a new product called Mail Assure and the thing is half baked and very ugly. So since they were inflexible about keeping the old MSP system going, I was forced to look elsewhere. Noticed the Spiceworks reviews of EveryCloud and decided to give it a try. Wow! It's been incredible, and excellent support although I didn't need much support it's so comprehensive. I highly recommend this to other MSPs out there. Our clients love us for switching..

-Derrick Conner
Made email bearable once again for both my company and my clients. Inbox now contains nothing but legit emails...SPAM is nothing more than a nuisance on a list. The service and support is second to none and the initial demo was clear and any questions were answered simply and clearly. I've been using the system now since 2016 and I couldn't imagine my email working without it!

We recommend this product to all our customers who are looking for a new spam filter. We have tried many other products but have found none that have the ease of use and functionality that Everycloud offers to our clients.


Very happy with this filter, the clients are happy as well and love the new features EveryCloud provides. Outlook plugin is great so clients can request quarantine reports on demand.


I’ve been reselling Everycloud as a spam filter solution to my customers for nearly a year. Feedback has been very positive. The personalised portal is great. The customer can log in via my website url and manage messages, blocking junk and very occasionally unblocking genuine email.   Very useful when a customers address was spoofed and I could prove he didn’t send the messages and we could block all the replies bouncing back.  If you can get your customers to take a trial, I am sure they won’t want it removed. Sales and tech support have been prompt and helpful when contacted too.

-Calx, IT Service Provider

"As Technical Liaison Manager at Deans Computer Services, part of my job is to review the products we use internally and supply to our clients. Having undertaken a review of our existing Anti-spam solution and other competing products on the market, we chose to move to EveryCloud, meeting all our needs in-house and it is proving to be real hit with our customers. EveryCloud was chosen for its great end user experience, its adaptability to suit many needs, and not least of all the superb communication with the staff at EveryCloud themselves."

-guybrook It Service Provider, 51-100 Employees

"So after 7 years of using a Sonicwall E-mail Filter we are tying an anchor to it and dumping it over board. Good-bye and good riddance to bad support and inconsistent filtering. Now for EveryCloud...THANK YOU!!! So far this is week two of our trial and while I'm still learning where everything is in the control panel the function and support has been amazing. Especially support. Highly responsive with detailed explanations. Not just a link to a KB Article...they spell it out with screen shots in the body of the e-mail. 15+ years working IT and I can't remember ever getting e-mails like that from someone in support."

-Joe6638 Insurance, 101-250 Employees

“The EveryCloud spam filtering product is second to none, we use it across our entire customer base and it provides accurate filtering of virus and spam. The portal is very easy to use and finding customers sent and received emails is very easy and intuitive. We have also found that the support from the team there is excellent. To the point where they have even helped me solve mail flow issues that were not caused by their product. I would highly recommend this to anyone.”

-DavidTriumph - Engineering

“Great product! Our former spam filter just wasn't watching enough anymore. I started a trial with EveryCloud and will never look back! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for cloud-based filtering.”

-Mike.H Healthcare 101-250 Employees

“Just moved from another hosted cloud Anti Spam solution to EveryCloud, we were impressed how easy it was to setup, our users love the "easy to use" web interface and the support staff are amazing. I have been in IT for over 25 years and would say the support staff at EveryCloud are 5 star.”


“Try this service, you'll love it. If you have any issues, contact the support. I'm 100% sure, you'll find a solution. Great service, great support, great prices, great filter. Highly recommended.”

-Phillip J - IT Service Provider
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