Security Awareness Training

The ultimate security layer; Change your user's behavior. Use EveryCloud's complete security awareness training program, because ransomware is too damaging not to.

Security Awareness Training

Old school Security Awareness Training doesn’t hack it anymore. Today, your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks. Baseline Testing: We provide baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack. Train Your Users: The world's largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters and newsletters. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails. Phish Your Users: Best-in-class, fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates. See The Results: Enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, ready for management. Show the great ROI!
screen shot of the control panel
screen shot of the control panel


Phishing Security Test

You can schedule regular Phishing Security Tests (PST for short) from our large library of more than 2,100 "known-to-work" templates, choose from the community templates section, which were created by admins for admins to share with their peers. You can also create your own custom phishing templates. There are many more features! The New Industry Benchmarking feature lets you compare your organization’s Phish-prone percentage™ with other companies in your industry. See where you stack up! Monitor your employee phish-prone percentages over time and watch how performance from your initial baseline phishing test, after 90 days, and 1 year compares. With regular phishing security tests and training campaigns, you’ll see how your Human Firewall improves over time helping to reduce risk and improve your IT security defense. You’ll have real-time stats that helps you keep a pulse on how your security awareness program and employees stack up against other companies in your industry. Great intel to share with your management team!

Advanced Phishing Features

Phishing Reply Tracking™ allows you to track if a user replies to a simulated phishing email and can capture the information sent in the reply. This feature works hand-in-hand with the simulated CEO Fraud attacks you can launch to inoculate high-risk employees.
Social Engineering Indicators™ (SEI) patented technology, turns every simulated phishing email into a tool IT can use to instantly train employees. When a user clicks on any of the 2,100+ simulated phishing emails, they are routed to a landing page that includes a dynamic copy of that phishing email showing all the red flags. You can also customize any simulated phishing email and create your own red flags. Users can then immediately see the potential pitfalls and learn to spot the indicators they missed in the future.
USB Drive Test™ allows you to test your user’s reactions to unknown USBs, on average 45% of users will plug in USBs they find! You can download a special, "beaconized" Microsoft Office file from your admin console onto any USB drive which you can drop at an on-site high traffic area. If an employee picks up the USB drive, plugs it in their workstation, and opens the file, it will "call home" and report the fail. Should a user also enable the macros in the file, then additional data is also tracked and made available in the admin console.
GEO-location lets you see where your simulated phishing attack failures are on a map, with drilldown capability and CSV-export options.
Vulnerable Browser Plugin Detection  automatically detect what vulnerable plugins any clickers on your phishing tests have installed in their browsers and can be viewed within your console. 
EZXploit™ has patent-pending functionality that allows you to do an internal, fully automated "human pentest" at a fraction of the cost to do this manually.  EZXploit takes your simulated phishing attacks to the next level. You can now find out which of your users can actually be exploited by hackers.
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User Management and Reporting

Smart Groups
Automate the path your employees take to smarter security decisions. With the powerful new Smart Groups feature, you can use each employees’ behavior and user attributes to tailor phishing campaigns, training assignments, remedial learning and reporting.
You can now create “set-it-and-forget-it” phishing and training campaigns so you can instantly respond to any phishing clicks with remedial training or have new employees automatically notified of onboarding training, and much more. The "Incremental Phishing with Smart Groups" video has been published in the Help Center. Here is the link.
Easy User Management
As the Security Awareness Training project leader, KnowBe4’s Active Directory Integration allows you to easily upload user data and saves you time by eliminating the need to manually manage user changes. Once the ADI is configured, users will be added, changed and archived in sync with changes made within AD automatically. For security reasons, the synch only works one-way. You can also upload users with CSV files.
Security Roles allows you to assign granular access control for users and groups within the KnowBe4 console. Create custom permissions for the exact roles needed by your organization. Easily allow groups like HR teams to access reporting only to review individual user results or employees with creative control to create phishing templates and landing pages.
Enterprise-strength Reporting
You also get enterprise-strength reporting. Executives get the insight they need to maximize training ROI and track security compliance. The Admin Console provides instant graphs of training effectiveness. You can also leverage KnowBe4's Reporting APIs for custom reports and dashboards that integrate with other business systems to showcase your security awareness program statistics. 
See for yourself how easy it is to train and phish your users!
screen shot of the control panel
screen shot of the control panel

Built with Partners in Mind

IT Resellers and MSPs can set-up and manage your own clients, add alias domains and control where filtered emails are delivered.

Address registration can be enforced by LDAP and our control panel has been built to enable Partners to manage all their customers without having multiple logins.

Multiple Devices Platforms

Works with Workstations, Macs, Servers, Phones and Tablets on multiple platforms including Exchange, Outlook and all other common mail systems.

Need protection or email continuity for Office 365? We work seamlessly alongside it as an additional layer of protection. Learn More

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