Mail Flow Monitor FAQ's

How does the system work?

Having taken some simple details about your mail server and once you’ve opened up your firewall to our ranges, we’re able to send test emails every 5 mins. If your mail server rejects an email or it takes too long to come back to us it will trigger an email to your alternate email account and a text to the number you provide. This will allow you to know about the problem and fix the issue fast. 

Do I have to download software to my server?

No. Everything is done within our cloud, you can just set and forget.

Is there a fee for the service?

No. It’s free and always will be.

How can you offer it for free?

EveryCloud is an email filtering provider. We offer this free service, in the hope that you will look at our paid services when you’re in need of spam and virus filtering.

Do I need to be a EveryCloud Email Filtering customer to use the service?

No. Anybody can sign up to the service.

Why do I have to open my firewall to your ranges?

Only if you chose the direct to mail server path. Here we connect directly to your mail server to make sure our test emails are not filtered or rejected and we can test your inbound mail flow in it’s purest form. If you’re concerned about security, we’re a global email filtering provider and you can read more about us here.