IT Pro Tuesday #5

trace32.exe, Powershell, Cheatsheets and More... 

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Hello IT Pro, 

Here’s your weekly helping of handy tools and information. As always we have no affiliation with any of these unless we explicitly state otherwise.

Admin tool we’ve been recommended

trace32.exe | cmtrace.exe “It’s part of Microsofts SCCM suite from a few years ago, can open very large log files and display them as they update in real time. Has saved me an insane amount of time over the years. Also looks cool and is portable.” Thank you for the recommendation local_admin_user.


SysAdmin CheetSheet

Ultimate List of Cheatsheets for a Sysadmin ServersAustralia put together this list of cheat sheets containing everything from Apache to Drupal.


Overview of the IT Landscape

LandScape by Alen Kremlj This great overview lists the various vendors in each space.


A handy, lesser-known subreddit

/r/PowerShell tattsumi pointed out this lesser known subreddit for Powershell. Check out this ‘Sneaky PowerShell Tick’ to run completely without a window.


Another travel jacket

SCOTTeVEST. The last travel Jacket I included had the most about of clicks to date… Not sure what that say’s about you guys… Secretly wanting to travel the world on a motorbike? Anyway, staven11 threw this one in the ring.


Have a fantastic week and as usual, let me know any comments or suggestions.

Graham | CEO | EveryCloud

P.S. We’ve just pushed this page live, which I’m very proud of because it represents a lot of hard work over the late 9 years, just wanted to share it.

P.P.S. Last week I included a desktop cleaner for Macs and asked if anyone knew of something for Windows. Not an app, but the best idea came from greatshittywifi:

“For Windows desktop cleanup I just wrote a simple batch script. Make yourself a folder called “sorted” or something and in it a subfolder for common file types “jpg”, “png”, “gif”, etc. Then open up notepad, and paste this in:

move *.jpg “F:\sorted\jpg\”
move *.png “F:\sorted\png\”
move *.gif “F:\sorted\gif\”

Save it with a .bat extension, and voila! I’m sure you could modify this approach to detect file extensions, then mkdirs and move everything from a for loop if you want to go that far.”