IT Pro Tuesday #41

Security Templates, Azure Blog, Free Tools & More... 

Hello IT Pro, 
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But on with this week's tools...! Here are the most interesting items that have come across our desks, laptops and phones this week. As always, EveryCloud has no known affiliation with any of these unless we explicitly state otherwise.
Free Tools
Jarun Terminal Utilities is a repository of useful open-source Terminal utilities that blend Terminal functions with a GUI world. The collection is the handiwork of developer Arun Prakash Jana, who wanted to help sysadmins working on remote Terminals to accomplish tasks more easily. Tools include: 
  • nnn—a tiny file manager for navigation, file movement, (un)archiving, remote transfers, editing text files & more
  • googler/ddgr—performs google search from the Terminal.
  • buku—Terminal bookmark manager (with a web interface if required)
  • bcal—helps with storage-specific calculations (does regular calculations by invoking bc)
Our thanks to sablal, the developer, for sharing these great tools!
Another Free Tool
Speccy is a fast, lightweight, advanced system info tool that tells you what’s inside a PC. It can offer a quick summary or detailed information on every piece of hardware in the computer. Scan results can be saved as a snapshot, XML or text file for easy sharing. Suggested by NoelSlevin as a convenient tool to keep handy for occasional use.
Security Policy Templates
Information Security Policy Templates is a set of templates originally compiled to help the people attending SANS training programs that are now available to all. According to the recommendation by bfrd9k, this is "a good, reasonable, collection. I've only needed to make minor adjustments to their templates."
Yet Another Free Tool
GNU Midnight Commander is a feature-rich visual file manager. This full-screen, text-mode application allows you to copy, move and delete files and whole directory trees; search for files and run commands in the subshell. An internal viewer and editor are included. BorgClown likes it because "it’s much faster navigating a complex directory structure than typing directory names, even with tab completion. You can customize the F2 menu, which passes the selected item to your chosen command. Arrows, Enter and Functions accomplish a lot of work by themselves."
A Blog
NT Weekly is a technology blog focused on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure. Posts go back to 2006, and there are over 1100 to date on topics related to Windows Server, Exchange, Office 365, Azure AD and Intune. All the approaches featured were tested and used in production and test environments. Recommended by ShyAwayFromLight, as a good resource.
Have a fantastic week and as usual, let me know any comments.
Graham | CEO | EveryCloud
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