Free Round-Trip Mail Flow Monitor

Our free, round-trip cloud mail flow monitor alerts you as soon as there is an issue with your email flow. Sign up in minutes to have the peace of mind, that you'll know before email problems do your organisation real damage. Join the Encyclopedia Brittanica, Ingram Micro, Meridian Metals, North Oaks Health System, Trilux, Thiel College, Signal 88 Security, Vail Colorado, Spaceflight Industries and thousands of other organisations worldwide!

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Watch a 60-second overview of the Free Mail Flow Monitor to understand the basics.


Know about email problems before they do real damage

Email downtime and delays can cost organizations vast sums of money in lost productivity, customer confidence and missed opportunities.

Our free mail flow monitor will ensure you know about problems in minutes so you can get them solved.

Always Checking

Our system sends a test email every few minutes to a monitoring mailbox on your server. You set up a forward to send the emails back to us, and we do the rest!

We'll monitor your email 24/7, checking that your mail server isn't rejecting inbound email or the full roundtrip time isn't taking longer than a threshold you set.



Text and Email Alerts

You need to know when there's a problem with your mail flow, so we send a text to your cell phone as well an email to your alternative email address.

Cloud Based

There’s nothing to install and no hardware to maintain. We do it all on our cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about it.

There is nothing to update or manage. Our global system monitors your mail flow around the clock and will alert you to a problem within minutes.



Partner Ready

The EveryCloud Mail flow Monitor has been built from the ground up with partners in mind. MSP’s and IT Resellers can create an account and manage as many customers as they wish via the EveryCloud Partner Area, all completely free!

Set the system to alert you or your customers directly.