EveryCloud FAQ's

Here you can find a collection of the common questions our customers ask. Can't find what you're looking for? No problem. Just click on live chat in the bottom left and ask away.

Can I trial the service?

Yes you can! We offer a free 30 day trial of our email filtering service, so you can kick the tyres for a few weeks. Just click on 'Start My Free Trial', complete the form and we'll have you set up in no time.

Will I need to enter my credit card details to start a trial?

No. We simply need some details about your domain and you're good to go.

Can I cancel the free trial at any time?

Yes. You’re under no obligation when you sign up. You can cancel at any time.

When will I get access if I start a trial?

As soon as you complete the form! We'll send you an email with all the details.

We have more mailboxes than people, will I be charged for all of them?

No, Everycloud charges per user i.e. for ‘bums on seats’ so you can have as many generic mailboxes and aliases as you like.

Why should I use a cloud solution as opposed to an on-premise one?

With an on-premise solution you risk having a single point of failure, you have to spend commensurate man hours on maintaining it and you also hold responsibility when things go wrong, which can happen – a lot. A cloud solution will offer all of the same functionality as your on-premise solution but takes the headache away - less chance of failure, someone else’s responsibility.

Can we configure the service to our needs?

Our customers have gone on record to say our control panel is the most ‘complete’ they’ve seen.  Administrators can set spam reports to be delivered as little or as often as they wish, filter inbound and outbound mail, remove attachments, block messages, filter by size, content and user. Just choose the plan that suits your needs best.

How big are EveryCloud customers?

We have customers ranging from 2 to 20,000 users. Our diverse customer base spans the public and private sector including schools, colleges, global corporations as well our valued army of small businesses.

The system is built such that you can use as much or as little of the advanced features as you wish. Want to just set it up and leave it? Fine. Want to white-label the system, whilst setting up content filter rules and advanced routing, no problem!

Can I get help to set up if I need it?

Of course, we have a technical team ready and waiting for your questions. We offer demos of the product, phone, email, live chat support, plus round the clock contact and access to a knowledge base if you’d prefer to figure it out for yourself.

Do I have to change my MX records?

Yes, we do need you to change your MX records so we can start filtering your mail. If you need help with this, we are on hand, plus we have guides available detailing how to do so with specific hosting providers.

Where are your customers based?

We are happy to say we have a completely diverse customer base with some of our bigger clients being located in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Our team are located all over the globe to help us maintain a consistent round-the-clock service, which is something we are incredibly protective and proud of.

How do I go about becoming a partner?

Becoming a partner is easy! Just click on the partner tab which has some information about the benefits of choosing this path and will direct you to get a quote or a free trial of our services. Everycloud partners received a 30% discount on products at sale and renewal stage which is great for growing a pool of reliable revenue. What’s more you can be rest assured that the products you are selling are from a highly reputable vendor with years’ of experience in this sector.

I’m a charity / non-profit, do you offer any discounts?

Of course we do. Just mention that you’re a charity to your Account Manager and we’ll talk you through the discount.