The EveryCloud Journal - March 2019

Welcome to the March 2019 edition of the EveryCloud Journal. We're excited to share topics ranging from our new payment options to exciting new products we're working on. Enjoy! 

Paid Products 

New Payment Options. We've revamped our payment options and now accept the following payment methods: 
  • USA—Wire, Debit Card, Credit Card & Check 
  • UK—BACs, Debit Card, Credit Card & Direct Debit 
For debit & credit cards you can pay using a link that's now included on every invoice we send. We're using PayPal to process payments, but you don't need an account. EveryCloud will pay all the fees, so you can just pop in your details and you're done.
UK customers who wish to pay by direct debit—just email to request an online form. Once the form is completed, the payment will be taken automatically from your bank account on the payment due date. We're working on a similar option for the USA, so watch this space.
Email Signature and Disclaimer. Set up consistent email signatures and email disclaimers the easy way—company-wide!

Easy Management:

The user-friendly web interface allows you to set up professional email signatures quickly and easily. Using the editor, signatures or templates can be developed even without HTML knowledge so that they are consistent with your corporate identity. The web interface is connected directly to the EveryCloud HTML 5 Control Panel, so Email Signature and Disclaimer can be activated and administered easily.
Highly Flexible:
Alongside the ability to integrate existing templates, all email signatures and disclaimers can be customized for individuals by using predefined placeholders. As Email Signature and Disclaimer is based on LDAP, Administrators can also insert Active Directory fields. It is also possible to set up different templates for as many domains or groups as necessary.


HTML5 Control Panel Update. As you're probably aware, we're working on a new HTML5 version of the control panel, which is already available if you'd like to make the switch. See the migration guide here.

What’s new!

  • It is now possible to export the search results as a .csv file in the email live tracking section. The exported columns can be selected individually.
  • The ex-post-alert has been automated. Therefore, you will receive a notification even faster if an email was later recognized as hazardous.
  • The API is taking shape, and users can now use a function to generate their own API access tokens to use the API.
What’s Fixed!
  • Partners can again correctly select their customers in the role selection.
  • Problems with the assignment of rights during the synchronization of new mailboxes have been fixed.
  • The search field in the Email Live Tracking has been enlarged.
  • If JavaScript is disabled in the web browser, an error message appears saying that JavaScript must be enabled to use the Control Panel.

Sales / Customer Success

Coming Soon: EveryCloud Security Awareness Training.

The ultimate security layer—Change your user's behavior. EveryCloud's complete security awareness training platform will include phishing simulation and awareness training. Due to launch in Q2 2019. 

90% of successful breaches are caused by phishing. Drastically decrease the chance of successful phishing attacks against your organization by running regular phishing simulations to help your employees spot what they look like—so they and your organization don't become victims. The EveryCloud Phishing simulator empowers the IT Department to send safe, wild phishing emails to staff and track who clicked or entered sensitive information / credentials. Over time this educates staff and makes phishing your organization pointless.

The EveryCloud Security Awareness platform is a learning management system focused on security. The IT Department creates campaigns to educate users on a range of topics, e.g., spotting phishing emails or CEO fraud. A group of users fail the phishing test? No problem. Automatically schedule them for fast, effective phishing training with a few clicks. Then view reports on compliance. New videos are being added regularly so you can keep your workforce educated and your last line of defense as effective as possible. 
Find out more about EveryCloud Security Awareness and register to get notified when we launch at the top of the page.

If you're interested in being part of the beta program, just let your account manager know or reply to this email, and we'll be in touch with details.

Happy with the Service? We're looking for customers who'd be pleased to share the news that they've chosen EveryCloud for their company's mail-filtering needs. If you'd be interested in having your company logo featured on our website, please reply to this message or let your account manager know.

Customer Success Job Openings. EveryCloud is looking for both US-based and UK-based Customer Success Managers. These positions require someone with a good understanding of Customer Success who ideally has a minimum of 2 years of experience in a similar role. A Customer Success Manager works with our existing direct and channel customers—daily tasks include customer queries, presenting and selling new solutions and monitoring/reporting on customer satisfaction. To apply, candidates should send a resume to alongside a short email on why they think they're right for the job! And to demonstrate that attention to detail is important, please include the word 'blue' in the subject line.

Free Tools 

Coming Soon... Free Phish. As part of our new Security Awareness Platform (details above), we'll be offering a one-off free phish. This will enable you to create a free, safe phishing campaign for your employees and view reports to show who clicked or entered details. 


Meet The Team. Anna Kang has been with EveryCloud since 2017. Prior to that, she was an Escalations Engineer with an MSP. She’s focused on providing demonstrations of our products and on-boarding Partners and End Customers to give them the best possible experience with our services. Anna also contributes as one of our support team members, assisting customers with technical support requests and resolving issues. Outside of work, Anna enjoys spending time with her family, going on road trips and hiking with her dogs.

Spiceworks Posting Problem. It was recently brought to our attention that some who tried to provide EveryCloud reviews on Spiceworks ran into errors that prevented the review from posting. The kind folks at Spiceworks have identified the source of the problem and are implementing a fix, with gratitude to our customers for helping bring it to their attention. For any of you who were affected, please give it a try now. 

Have a fantastic month!

The EveryCloud Team

P.S. Request for Feedback. Are there ways you think we could make life a little easier for you? Any things we could do better? (Note: Since our HTML5 Control Panel is already in the works, there's no need to tell us about that.) If you have thoughts, please reply to this message and share an idea or two. Your input will help us make the service even better!