The EveryCloud Journal - April 2019

Welcome to the April 2019 edition of the EveryCloud Journal. Enjoy! 

Paid Products 

Advanced Email Signature and Disclaimer. This tool controls the automated provision of email signatures and disclaimers on all EveryCloud gates. It dynamically generates user-specific signatures, matching Active Directory. The signatures are based on predefined templates and are included automatically at the appropriate point of the email.

Easy Handling
The user-friendly web interface allows you to set up professional email signatures quickly and easily. Using the editor, signatures or templates can be developed even without HTML knowledge so that they are consistent with your corporate identity. The web interface is connected to the EveryCloud Control Panel—so after logging in with the administrator credentials, Email Signature and Disclaimer can be activated and used.

High Flexibility
Next to integrating existing templates, all email signatures and disclaimers can be created individually by using predefined placeholders. Administrators can place Active Directory placeholders, as the synchronization of the Email Signature and Disclaimer is based on LDAP. Additionally, it is possible to set up different templates for as many domains or groups as necessary.

Mobile Usage
More and more users send their professional emails via smartphone or tablet. This makes it even more important to have a correct display of pictures or company logos. The signature and disclaimer of an email will not be added to the email locally but rather in the cloud. Therefore, every email can be covered.
Easy Administration
Time is critical for administrators. By synchronizing data via LDAP, the administrative effort is reduced to a minimum when setting up an email signature or disclaimer, as all the individual data of a person or group is automatically up-to-date, and there is no need for manual maintenance. By actively using the Active Directory, even the smallest changes (like a phone extension) will be adapted immediately.


Email Live Tracking. Did you know you could filter your traffic to hide a specific type from the list (SPAM, ATP, etc.) by clicking that option in the HTML control panel?

Well, now you can also "quick hide" all but one type. When you double-click on a single type, all the others will be hidden. The list will only show the type you selected!

New Ticketing System. Please bear with us as we move to an improved platform. The new system will give us better insight into problems and enable us to provide better support to you.

Sales / Customer Success

Advanced Threat Protection. Did you know that in addition to protecting against critical security threatsour ATP service can also save you time?

Here's what our Partner Purity IT discovered:
"Before we started using the ATP feature, we were getting 2-3 calls a day from clients that had clicked on a harmful URL within an email. We would then need to kick off AV scans across the network. Since the ATP and the URL rewriting feature has been enabled, we are maybe getting 2-3 calls a month, and these are from clients who have yet to take up the ATP feature."

Free Tools 

IT Pro Tuesday—now on Spiceworks. This month we've begun posting our weekly IT Pro Tuesday list of tools, tips, tutorials, resources & more for sysadmins on the Spiceworks website. You'll find our page here, and we encourage you to join the conversation by sharing your own favorite resources in the comments!


Meet The Team. Louis Baker joined EveryCloud in June 2018. He started with assisting the on-boarding of our Mailflow Monitor users and now works within our UK sales team. Louis enjoys a challenge and strives to offer the best service possible. Outside the office, Louis enjoys going shopping and spending time with friends and family.

EveryCloud is growing! We are pleased to announce the recent addition of Susy Bruno to our team. Susy will be working from London and handling Customer Success for the US.