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How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email


First impressions count for a lot. Getting someone to sign up to your email newsletter is an important achievement in itself, but it's only the beginning. Email marketing remains the most popular and personal way to keep in touch with your potential and existing customers by building lasting relationships. Since the individual has already... Read More

7 Reasons to Invest in Email Marketing


It might sometimes seem that social media is where everything's happening online these days, but email is bigger than ever. Email is huge. According to research conducted by the Radicati Group, more than 210 million emails are sent every day, including those that fall foul of the spam filter. A... Read More

The Dangers of Using a Public Email Address for Business

While email might have fallen out of favor as the primary tool for everyday social interaction, it remains the most popular platform by far for business communication. According to Forrester, 87% of all corporate communications were carried out via email, a statistic that should give an idea of just how much company and consumer data gets moved around every... Read More