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6 Productivity and Organization Tips for the Everyday Entrepreneur

 As an entrepreneur, you're ultimately in control of your own destiny and, with that, comes great responsibility. If you're hoping to escape the world of full-time employment and embark on your own entrepreneurial path, self-discipline is a must. Learning how to organize yourself and maximize your productivity is the first and most important step towards becoming independent. It'... Read More

5 Essential Tips for Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

 According to Juniper Research, the global cost of cybercrime is projected to surpass $2 trillion in 2019, which presents a four-fold increase over the 2015 statistic. As every business owner should know, a severe cyberattack can quickly bring any company to its knees. You owe it to your employees, customers and the very future of your business to ensure that everything possible is done to... Read More

5 Engagement Metrics Small Business Must Track and How to Improve Them

Small businesses, particularly startups, are often impressed by big numbers, whether in the form of registered users, number of website visitors or the amount of email newsletters that make it past the spam filter. These growth metrics do have some value when it comes to getting a broad overview of the growth of your company and the popularity of your website. However, these statistics are often... Read More

Phishing 101: How to Protect Yourself Against Online Threats

Phishing 101: How to Protect Yourself Against Online ThreatsRecent studies have shown that 85% of organizations have suffered phishing attacks of varying levels of severity, despite spam filters becoming ever more sophisticated. These immensely widespread social engineering scams have also become the number-one delivery method for ransomware and other malicious software.While we tend of... Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Welcome Email

 First impressions count for a lot. Getting someone to sign up to your email newsletter is an important achievement in itself, but it's only the beginning. Email marketing remains the most popular and personal way to keep in touch with your potential and existing customers by building lasting relationships. Since the individual has already proactively given you permission to send... Read More