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Happy New Year! We're very excited about 2019. We invested a lot of time and resources into new product development over the last year and will have some exciting news over the coming months. In the meantime, here's your monthly update on what's happening at EveryCloud. You've been added to the list because you're an existing EveryCloud customer. Please forward this on to... Read More

IT Pro Tuesday #32

Security Podcast, Linux/Unix Website, Free Tools & More... Get this in your inbox each week. Hello IT Pro, I’m excited to share we’ve just had our 272nd review (88% are 5 star/98% are 4 star)!“Great monitoring with a responsive company behind it!Currently using their free Mail Flow Monitor service to know about mail issues before users start to call.Have to... Read More

IT Pro Tuesday #31

Windows Shortcuts, A Blog, Free Tools & More... Get this in your inbox each week. Hello IT Pro, Thank you for all your support last year getting IT Pro Tuesday off the ground. We now have many thousands of email subscribers and a new subreddit r/itprotuesday. The email is getting open rates of 37% (industry average is 10.9%) and click rates of 15% (industry average is 1.1... Read More

The EveryCloud Journal

Firstly, everyone at EveryCloud would like to wish you and your team a very happy holidays!It's been an amazing year for us having added the likes of Encyclopaedia Brittanica, Ingram Micro, Meridian Metals, North Oaks Health System, Trilux, Thiel College, Signal 88 Security, Vail Colorado, Spaceflight Industries and many more to our user base. We're very excited about what 2019 will... Read More

IT Pro Tuesday #30

Powershell Cheatsheets, Tech Podcast, Free Tools & More... Get this in your inbox each week. Hello IT Pro, Did you know EveryCloud is HIPAA compliant?EveryCloud is dedicated to ensuring our customers in the healthcare industry have the tools necessary to keep their patient data and emails secure and HIPAA compliant. By using products such as encryption and ... Read More