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Awesome cyber security facts

As people are leaning more and more towards the digital world, cybercrime is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored. Although many individuals and businesses are doing all they can to prevent such attacks, a big risk of them still persists. There are various types of attacks that could occur and for many reasons, but one thing is certain - you don’t want to be the victim of cybercrime.The... Read More

Why Cybersecurity Training is Crucial for your Business

The greatest threat to your business cybersecurity is, contrary to what you would expect, internal. We are not talking about spies or infiltrated competitor agents. The real threat you should consider is your trusted employees. They are often just a few careless mouse clicks away from costing your business a fortune, without having any malicious intent in the first place. Employees can do... Read More

25 Tips for Email Marketers Wanting to Avoid the Spam Filter

Of the many forms of digital marketing, email offers by far the most attractive return on investment. Nonetheless, while successful marketers go to great lengths to craft top-quality email copy, others fall foul of spam filters. However, these tips will help you improve your campaign and get those click-through rates on the rise.  #1. Never Buy Mailing Lists  If there's one thing... Read More

20 Things Digital Marketers Should Do to Avoid Spam Filters

Maintaining a quality mailing list that consists exclusively of subscribers who want to hear from you is paramount to the success of any email campaign. However, despite this fact, over a fifth of all legitimate promotional emails still end up going missing or landing in the spam folder. As such, taking every necessary step to improve email deliverability will help you increase your response rate... Read More

How to Filter & Block Unwanted Emails in Gmail

  Many of us receive dozens of emails per day, and business users tend to receive many more. However, according to, almost 57% of all email messages sent in 2017 were classed as spam. On top of that are countless more that fall into something of a grey area, whereby the messages might not legally be considered spam, but are nonetheless unwanted by their recipients. ... Read More