Advanced Threat Protection

Cybercrimes cost the global economy $445 billion in 2016.  With new and evolving methods and victims ranging from small business to corporate the risk to your business is real. In response to growing demand, EveryCloud is releasing our Advanced Threat Protection product. Covering all angles of attack, real time reporting and a dedicated account manager; we offer a package that excels in both technical ability and service.

Protection from Targeted Attacks

Using our ATP, your business is shielded from targeted attacks including CEO Fraud, Spear Phishing and Whaling.

Using conventional approaches, it's virtually impossible to detect these attacks, but from the first malicious emails, our ATP uses innovative forensic engines to stop the attack in its tracks. Internal communication is examined by our engines to detect and prevent identity spoofing.

Protection from Ransomware Attacks

Protect your business from the growing threat of Ransomware. With the rapid evolution of malware, typical detection is unable to detect new variants. Our ATP analyses the behaviour of attachments, opening them in a variety of sandbox environments.

If your attachments are discovered to contain malware, we filter out this email and notify you. Suspicious but unclassified emails are retained for a period of further testing and re-analysed with updated signatures.

Real-Time Alerts of attempts at Digital Espionage

Digital espionage and data theft are growing threats to commercially sensitive data. EveryCloud's ATP forensic engines detect both familiar and new data-extraction attempts. This includes metadata and content analysis, spoofing recognition and key-information seeking attempts. ATP alerts you in real time before critical data has left your network.

Protection against Blended Attacks

A blended attack utilises several angles of attack to avoid detection—for example, an email that includes a document with a hidden link to a downloadable page containing malware. Standard spam filters are often unable to detect this multi-layer pattern of malware.

EveryCloud ATP uses URL target scanning, download sandboxing as well as filtering web calls with URL rewriting to prevent these attacks from taking effect.

Full detail notification reports

Our real-time alert notifies you of attacks on your company, allowing you to mobilise internal measures and responses. Ex post reporting (coming soon) lets you know if an already-delivered email is later determined to be potentially harmful, including an analysis of the possible extent and countermeasures.

Seamless integration with our spam protection

The diagram below illustrates how our ATP integrates seamlessly into our spam and virus filters. Emails that pass first-level spam and virus filtering are subject to an in-depth analysis using our ATP engines.

Dedicated EveryCloud Account Manager and telephone technical support

EveryCloud provides you with both telephone technical support and a dedicated account manager on direct dial. We're there for you when you need us most.

If you have any questions, call us at US 408-416-2585 or UK 0203 0869 833, email us at or click on live chat in the bottom left to talk to one of our team.


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