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why): decorate its top Circuits Lego, be used as pixels. Here are the steps that took my idea. If you are not interested and you want to see a nice time-lapse video, go to the end of the article!


Lego bricks

First things first. What are the dimensions of Lego bricks and colors are available? Strangely enough, this question is not so easy to answer. Probably because the Lego website is unsuccessful, or because nobody is really do not care ... I finally found a site Brickipedia, which is much richer than the official resource. All I was looking for was there: the size of the "bloc" Lego 8 millimeters and the color palette is quite simple.


Specifications table

Knowing the size of my desk, I had different options, depending on the size of the pixel, which I would choose. Of course, the number of blocks (and the price) will also vary. So I created a dynamic table on Google Docs, which would have made the calculations for me ... Here it is, with all the possible options.

Format 1x1 2x2 4x4 6x6

mm 8 16 32 48

Unit Price € 0.06 € 0.08 € 0.15 € 0.36

Length 534 66 33 16 11

Width 1155 144 72 36 24

Number of shares 9504 2376 576 264

Price € 570.24 € 190.08 € 86.4 € 95.04

The total length of 528 528 512 528

Total width 1152 1152 1152 1152

The difference length mm June 6 June 22

The difference width 3 3 3 3


I chose 4x4, fairly inexpensive, and still with a lot of pieces.


36x16 pixels freedom, that's all. I tried a bunch of all sorts of designs, from low quality to the photos pixel art pictures. I decided to turn to Heavy Oblique Futura.

Actual size:

Description: http://toki-woki.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/hey.gif

Looks good.



The range of Lego

I would like to set the white on black background. The process of smoothing pixels creates a grayscale to smooth curves, which is good, but the Lego bricks are not available in all colors! To have a realistic preview of how it will look, I had to create a table of colors Photoshop, the proper grayscale blocks LEGO (if you are interested, just add me on Ping [UPDATE: They are here]). Here's a comparison of the gray scale by default in Photoshop (left) and the palette Lego (right):


You may notice that the black Lego little lighter, a little gray and yellow.

Time Circuits order!

Already? Nah, not so fast. Before ordering, I had to know exactly what to order, it means counting pixels. Well, I'm not that guy. I am the developer; I hate the repetitive chores, you know.

Because I launched Flash Builder and the app  PaletteCounter,  OpenSource, to count the pixels of each color. I also added something like "generator assembly instructions" to help us build it. Conveniently.

Time to order!

Really? Yeah. I placed an order online lego.com under  Pick A Brick  and got it in a few weeks. Hooray!


let's do that

I'm not going to describe the process (this was done in this Saturday), just look at this video frame by frame. 1020 photos, made for about an hour, mimimi!

Article in English to be here